Right by Jana Aston (Wrong #2)

"My childhood was perfect. I’ve led a charmed life, and I’m not going to blow it now by picking the wrong guy. I’ve got my sights set on my brother’s best friend. He’s known my family for years. He’s reliable and kind and handsome. Sure, he’s been avoiding me since I was six. I’m a... Continue Reading →

Catching Carly by Emma Heart (Barely Cross #2)

"Life Goal #1: Forget about my best friend's brother. (Because Zeke Elliott is a colossal cockwomble.) From New York Times bestselling author, Emma Hart, comes another hilariously wild romantic comedy about being the third wheel in your friendship and, um, accidentally having sex with your best friend's brother..." -Synopsis from Goodreads Catching Carly is the... Continue Reading →

The Room mate by Kendall Ryan

This book was also added to my Best of edition: Top 20 best friends siblings blog post "The last time I saw my best friend’s younger brother, he was a geek wearing braces. But when Cannon shows up to crash in my spare room, I get a swift reality check.  Now twenty-four, he’s broad shouldered... Continue Reading →

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