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 Michigan girl born and raised, living just a few miles outside of Detroit. Growing up I wouldn’t say I was sheltered (okay I was….) as I did not actually start really traveling out of the state until I was 25 years old. Making my first trip by plane to New York City. Since then I have been to Chicago, Wisconsin, Ohio, other parts of Illinois, Florida and my most recent trip to New Orleans, Louisiana in May.

I have a rescued Pitbull/Border Collie Mix who is my spoiled furchild. This little trouble maker is allergic to not only human dander, ants/insects and trees but also grass! He is a special 6 year old boy, but we love him dearly. I recently adopted a German Shepherd puppy and she is definitely testing my limits each day with being too smart for her own good. She’ll be a year in April.

 Went to school to be an elementary school teacher, but after a few years of being a teacher, I realized that was not the job for me. Since then I have been a dog trainer, customer service rep then Marketing team for Netflix, bank teller, loan officer, accountant, hockey coach and receptionist. Right now I work at a company that I can further expand my career in accounting and will be going back to school for Business and Accounting.

Love reading, which is weird because growing up as much as I wanted to be a writer, I hated reading. Hated it! I actually did not start reading (other than when I was forced too in school) until December 2014. With book and the blogging world I have made such wonderful friends and widened my love for not only reading but writing. In a 3 year span I have read almost 700 books and am excited to expand my love for romance books and authors in the years to come. 

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