(ARC) Falling for Loverboy by Jani Kay (Sex & Secrets Book #2)

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“Forbidden Romance
How can something so wrong, feel so right?
It started with an online dating website.
Two strangers.
Different cities.
No real names.

The perfect distraction from everything that makes me want to run away.
When we decide to meet for a drink, I don’t expect to get knocked over and lose my memory, with only the stranger to help me.
I’ve forgotten my past, but my present is perfect because I’m falling for Loverboy.
Until I remember who I am …
I’ve committed the ultimate sin … Falling for Sunshine.
She’s lost her memory and buried her secrets.
Secrets that will tear us apart and destroy us.
What happens when past and present collide?
Who is the girl with no name, and what is she hiding?

Warning: 18+ Adult situations & language.

Author’s Note:
This is a STANDALONE novel and part of a series (Sex & Secrets Book #2)
It’s not necessary to read Book #1 Dirty Secrets before you read Book #2
Dirty language and sexy scenes are plentiful. You have been warned!
Oh, and a HEA, of course”

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Falling for Loverboy by Jani Kay is the 2nd book in the Sex & Secrets series. Coming Monday, June 26th!


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 Jani Key was a new to me author, and I can not wait to go back and read the first book in the Sex & Secrets Series.

I love books that are with chat/text/email dialogue. So I was a huge fan of the first few chapters of this book. There was so much mystery and heart in those pages. As the book goes on when are lead with more mystery and more questions that I was trying to get the answers too as fast as I could. I will say that the twist in the book to me was pretty easy to figure out, heck I had it within the first 30 or so pages. But with that being said I still could not wait to finally read how it went down. And trust me, when it did it was written wonderfully and all my questions did get those answers I was desperately waiting for.

Sunshine and Loverboy had quite an interesting relationship. They go from messaging on a dating app to finally meeting up months later. Excepts when they meet it was nothing like they expected. An accident causes Sunshine to not remember who she is or where she lives, causing Loverboy to take her to his hotel to take care of her. Sunshine seems to remember talking to Loverboy but nothing else about her life. This makes Sunshine cling to Loverboy to help her get through it. Along the way the passion and connection become really strong and figuring out who Sunshine really is was the last thing on their minds.

If you’re looking for a steamy, real love with lots of drama this is definitely your book. But don’t worry that drama is greatly written and greatly described and resolved for the perfect laid out ending!!


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Author Bio

 USA Today Bestselling Author – Jani Kay lives in Western Australia within a ten minute walk to the beach which is one of her favorite places to chill out. She has been a bookworm all her life – as a voracious reader, she would gladly spend her last dollar on a book. She is always fascinated that for the mere price of a book (often less than the price of a coffee!), she can escape her life for a while and see through someone else’s eyes into their world. Jani loves the colour red, is a fiery Aries, is impatient and always storming ahead with those ram’s horns, bashing her head…she has a wicked sense of humour and loves laughing. In her ‘other’ life, Jani is a business woman and a scientist – a creative scientist though – she formulates skin care products and brews up concoctions in her laboratory… She has 2 beautiful children who have grown into amazing young adults and Jani is very proud of them. Besides reading and writing, her favorite ‘thing’ is traveling and drinking cocktails on the beach while watching the sun set over the ocean (Sex on The Beach anyone?). Above all, she believes in Kindness, Karma, Miracles and Magic…
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