Just a Taste by Whitney G

“Note: This is not a standalone or a novel. It’s the easiest way I could make sure as many readers as possible have access to sneak peeks of all of my upcoming releases since I normally post things like this on my blog. (And it’s FREE!) 🙂
PS–Yes, I will still post this on my blog. 🙂

Upcoming release snippets include:

Untitled (Based on Adele’s “When We Were Young”)
Forget You, Ethan: A Friends (to Enemies) to Lovers Story
Over Us, Over You: A Falling for My Brother’s Best Friend Romance
Beautiful Failure: A New Adult Romance
And a few more 🙂

This also includes extended sneak peeks of my previous releases, which are much longer than the typical 10% that most retailers give to you. (Just in case you want to check those out as well!)

I hope you enjoy ‘just a taste’ of what’s to come, and I hope you’re ready for my next release!”

-From Whitney G’s Goodreads profile


Just a Taste by Whitney G is AVAILABLE NOW!!!


Not only is this little treasure of a read AMAZING but it is also FREE!!! So whether you love Whitney G, have read a few or her books, or haven’t even heard of one of my favorite authors books, this is the time to check it out!!

Get it for free now | AMAZONiBOOKS | KOBO |

I can not empathize enough how excited I was for this treat of a book. I legit hit refresh on my Amazon like every 5 minutes, and I was at work. I also read this beauty while at work. (I seriously couldn’t wait)

Since this book is free and there should be no excuse of why you shouldn’t download it, I will not go into serious reviews. Mostly because this is not a normal book, as Whitney G is not a normal author. I have never meet an another like Whitney G. I once ordered a signed copy of one of her books for a friend. When ordering it through her website, I included that this book was a birthday gift for my bestie. So when I received the package I was a little confused at first. Not only did I get my signed book for my best friend – that sidenote had the whole entire front page filled out with personalization – but she also sent me a free book as well!!!!!!! It was like Christmas morning for me.

In this “Just a Taste” book you get glimpses of first chapters (some not finalized) of her newest yet to be released books and also her already published books. For someone that has read everything that she has published in her name, I was still happy she made this book. It helps others that have not read her books, or are new to her to see what she is all about. Plus it has pre-order links and release dates (Which I hope change to be sooner than later) so I was one happy camper with this book.

As I said before I am not going to give out information on this book, nor what books are talked about or what books are to come. Grab this book for yourself. It’s perfect!

Thanks Whitney G, for being such an fantastic author!!!

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