2017 Book Bingo – Reading Challenge

2017 Reading Bingo.png

So I was checking out some of my favorite book review sites and noticed that one of them had a new adult book bingo, and thought it was a wonderful idea. So with no copyright issues, I went and made my own and put in my own jazz. I was very VERY close to putting in read a book written by a male. I came across an article that showed instead the books being called Chick-Lit the genre was Dic-Lit and I about died. Unfortunately I decided to not be so bold this year, just because I would have to do some research, but maybe next year. Let me know if you have any ideas or have read some great new adult romance/chick-lit books written by a male. 

I plan on updating this blog post every time I read something with the accurate square. So keep checking on updates and hopefully I won’t fail at updating Social Media with the newest ad. Let me know what your books are for the bingo, as well as any book recommendations are always welcomed 🙂 

  1. Book based on its cover
  2. Book recommendation
  3. Book about sports
  4. Brand new author: Redefining Us by Harloe Rae. Link to my review
  5. Book that makes you laugh
  6. New 2017 release: Duke of Manhattan by Louise Bay. Link to my review.
  7. Re-read a book
  8. Book you can finish in one day: Cheater & Cheaters Regret by Rachel Van Dyken.  Link to Cheater review. Link to Cheater’s Regret review
  9. Book set in College
  10. Book set in Summer
  11. Book about friends turned lovers: Redefining Us by Harloe Rae. Link to my review
  12. Book with Male POV only: All I am by Jodi Ellen Malpas. Link to my review. 
  13. Free star – favorite read of 2017
  14. Book about Musician
  15. A book deep in your TBR list
  16. Book set in Winter
  17. Book with a one word title
  18. Book about a road trip
  19. Start a new series
  20. Read a book by a best selling Author
  21. Read a book that was turned into a movie
  22. Book about a fake relationship: Running Mate by Katie Ashley. Link to my review
  23. Book with a number in the title
  24. Book with a sexy boss
  25. Book that is under 100 pages: His Dirty Little Secret by Terri Anne Browning. Link to my review


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