Roommating (Preston’s Mill #1) by Noelle Adams and Samantha Chase

“Forget all those other roommate romances you might have read.

Heather and Chris don’t hate each other…very much. And they don’t have sex all the time…at least not at first. Chris doesn’t go around shirtless, flexing his muscles and driving Heather wild…too often. And he doesn’t get jealous and possessive every time she goes out with another man…well, maybe occasionally.

But they definitely don’t fall in love…right away.

When Heather comes back to her hometown, she plans to take over her father’s historic restoration business and move into a beautiful converted apartment in Preston’s Mill. Then she finds out she’ll have to partner up with the one man she can never forgive. Chris Dole, who abandoned her father and betrayed her trust three years ago.

It gets even worse. They don’t just have to work together. They have to become roommates for six months to prove they can get along. That means Heather will have to play nice with Chris and put up with his obnoxiousness, his drop-dead sexiness, and his ugly recliner named Flo.

She’ll do what she has to do out of loyalty to her father, but she isn’t going to like it.

At least not much.”

-Synopsis from Goodreads

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Roommating is the first book in the Preston’s Mill series by co-authors Noelle Adams and Samantha Chase. Add it on Goodreads!

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Heather Carver and Chris Dole find themselves living together for 6 months. Something they both only agreed upon for one man only. Heather’s Dad, Tom. He is retiring soon, placing the family business in Heather’s hands. Well at least that’s what she thought until Christoper came back into town after abandoning her dad, their friendship and his job with them. Now it seems that Chris is going to be half partner in the company with Heather. Except dear old dad isn’t sure that Heather and Chris can work together again. Not after Chris up and left years ago for another job, leaving his father and her upset. So the only way Tom is going to feel comfortable retiring, is if Heather and Chris get together. What better way to make sure then to have them live together for 6 months. Heather’s dad for some reason forgave Chris, now its time for Heather to do the same for her fathers sake, the business and maybe even her heart.

Not only were the banters between Chris and Heather hilarious, but the elderly neighbor, Estelle Berry made it even better. She was always saying the most crazy and funny things. For example Chris had a male friend over, and while leaving he walked with Heather downstairs to let her dog out. Estelle told her that she understand modern arrangements, but a threesome would be going too far. Funny thing is Chris and Heather were not having a modern arrangement (where sexual relations are
had without a wedding ring – in Estelle’s words) at least not yet 😉

The story is about two people learning to not only trust someone else, but also themselves. I highly enjoyed this book, as I have with every Noelle Adams book I have read. I have yet to read anything by Samantha Chase, but have definitely added some of her books in my TBR now! Can’t wait to read them.

Roommating was filled with humor, romance, affection and some sexy sex scenes. I for sure look forward to reading the next book in the series soon!

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