Right by Jana Aston (Wrong #2)

“My childhood was perfect.

I’ve led a charmed life, and I’m not going to blow it now by picking the wrong guy.

I’ve got my sights set on my brother’s best friend.

He’s known my family for years. He’s reliable and kind and handsome.

Sure, he’s been avoiding me since I was six.

I’m a bit aggressive for him, maybe.

But he’s the one… right?”

-Synopsis from Goodreads

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Right is the 2nd book in the Wrong series written by Jana Aston.

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This book is not your average brothers best friend book. I don’t want to ruin it for you right off the bat, so if you want to know more read my full review down below. Just know that her love for Finn who is her brother Eric’s best friend is not what it all seems. As years go on, her love is still there but something happens to majorly affect it.

This book was also added to my Best of edition: Top 20 best friends siblings blog post

I have already read each book in this series and LOVED all of them. All 100% 5 stars! If not I would not be reading them again. I will be honest this one is my favorite ❤

Everly Jensen is absolutely in love with Finn Camden. Has been since she stepped off the bus at 6 years old. Finn on the other hand saw her nothing but a little shortcake, being 8 years old. That didn’t stop Everly from stalking and planning the moment he would finally fall in love with her. Except she didn’t plan something completely different happening. Something that blindsided her heart so fast she has no idea how to act on it. Did she make the right decision to follow Finn to Pennsylvania, or was maybe that going to far? Or is fate finding her location just right, but the guy not even close? I mean how perfect can someone she’s loved for 16 years really be? Or is there someone else out there that could be even better for her?

All I can say is LOVE LOVE LOVE. I could go on for hours about how much I love this book. Hell I have already made all my book reading friends read this series. They OF COURSE also LOVED it! My review will never do justice, so I am just going to leave it with one last sentence. You be dumb to not read this book, or this hands down AMAZING series.

Check out my review on Goodreads. Or take a look at my longer review below with all the spoilers 🙂

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For the first few chapters we jump back and forth from different times between present day and 6 year old Beverly Jensen. Basically all of the flashbacks involve Everly’s major crush turning into love for Finn Camden. Everly first met Finn when she was 6 – as he was a freshman in High School. Since then Finn has been best friends with Eric – her brother. He never noticed her more than a shortcake – his nickname for her since she was carrying a Strawberry Shortcake backpack when she got off the bus when she first met his eyes. She assumed it was because she was under the age of 18, so when she went off to college to went to University of Pennsylvania since that’s where Finn was teaching. Eye roll girl, just heavy eye rolls.

So lets talk more about the present day portions of the book. Everly is currently on her way home for Thanksgiving break. Hitching a ride with someone that know’s Finn. We don’t get to know too much about this guy – not even his name for a while. All we know is this guy is cocky, confident and wants Everly.. or boots – his nickname for her. Everly would rather be anywhere but in this car with this guy, but it was her only ride back home. The only major thing we get is he is 4 years older than Finn. That makes him 34 to her 22.

So Everly may or may not be a little psycho in love with Finn. My view on it is over 100% for sure psycho. Her brother Eric got married a few weeks before Thanksgiving. During the weekend, Finn asked if Everly could move his car. So she does want every love blind person would do and made copies of his house keys. Then the next week so comes into his apartment and makes him dinner. She even bought them a pet – a goldfish. She would have rescued a cat or dog, but wasn’t sure what his apartment policies were. Miss Cuckoo over here. Plus she tried making a pass when Finn drove her home to Eric’s wedding. She put her hand on his leg, going upward and he pulled it off and told her no. That she is a little sister to him. But in her head, she just thought he was shy…. Yup her love was in the danger zone and has been for quite some time now.

The past finally catches up to the present and we find out who Everly is in the car with. Finn’s older brother Sawyer Camden. When Everly tried to get Finn to drive her back to campus after Thanksgiving break, it failed. But thankfully for Sawyer – not Everly – he lived in Philadelphia as well. Yes she found him attractive, yes he was cocky, confident and had muscles in all the right places. But he was not Finn. Far from it. So when the car ride is FINALLY done the last thing Everly expects is Sawyer kissing her. The hot need, the amazing kiss and her being more turned on then she ever has before. Confusion runs through her brain and even more so when her roommate makes a good point…

“It’s okay to rewrite your happily ever after, Everly. Sometimes the right guy is the one you never see coming.”

As the days go by Sawyer is sending her gifts. New boots, flowers a new fish tank and a friend for her already bought fish – the one she bought for Finn’s apartment. On Friday after leaving class she goes to see Finn.  Finn is ecstatic to see her… which is weird. Until she realizes that while in class her social media was hacked and her relationship status changed – to in a relationship – with Sawyer.

Everly marches right over to Sawyers work – checking out his fb profile to see what the company names was. After a few words with security that were not going to let her up, she meets Sandra, Sawyers assistant. All the anger subsided when he met her in his office and kissed her. Telling her he will be picking her up for dinner later that night.  As Everly was leaving she realizes that not only is Sawyer a big deal at this company, he also is the owner.

Their first date is cute. Both want to take charge and be alpha’s. The night ends with them having sex – of course. Except even though it really is amazing sex, the best Everly has ever had, it’s different than anything shes ever had before. The connection is off the charts and it makes sex between them almost constant. After a few dates they 100% doing exactly what Sawyer did when he hacked her FB. In a relationship.

During Christmas break, Sawyer comes home to meet the family.  Eric pulls Sawyer aside as soon as he enters the house, but it turns out they are cool with each other. Why? Because Sawyer told Eric that he was in love with his sister. When he tells her this, she has no idea what to say just yet.

Sawyers birthday comes and they make a sex tape – it’s her birthday present to him. Except the wild sex she thought they would have turned into passionate love making instead. Right before the actual penetration, Everly finally suggested they don’t use a condom after him asking many times if they didn’t. When she did that, he said no and used one. Weird clue #1. The rest of the clues? Well he cancelled plans the next day, sent her calls to voicemail. Sent weird short texts saying he needs space. Then when she goes to his office, he breaks up with her. Saying they are in different places. He is 35 and she is 22 not sure what she wants to do with her life after she graduates college. Everly is of course heart broken. What the fuck happened? I legit had to hold back tears at this moment. My heart broke for her. Which let me add that I am reading this book at work, and crying in front of everyone would be quite embarrassing. But I have done before. Darn social media sharing sad dog viral videos.

After spending days in bed with a pity party of one, Everly goes out to stalk Sawyer. What she does she find? Him banging Sandra at his office! No just kidding, he was banging another dude instead. Okay okay fine – my humor is probably not that great, sorry. He is in the park with a 4 year old calling him Daddy. Sawyer sees her and goes running after Everly. He explains that the mother embezzled from him years ago, that he was in a small relationship with her. Then she left because the company found out and he had no idea about the kid. The test proves that Jake is his and that the mother is in jail till at least Jake is 18 years old if not more. That Jake will be with Sawyer full time, and that Sawyer broke up with Everly because when they first met she told him she did not want kids until she was 27 or older. Everly tells him she is okay with this, that plans change. She wants to prove to him that she loves him and can love Jake as well.

Things go well. Jake and Everly get along great, as do the 3 of them. Months go by and graduation is coming soon. Everly finally knows what she wants to do with the rest of her life – write children’s books. A story just like her’s and Jake’s. Plus the cat too – because they rescued a cat together.

Sawyer proposes, in an adorable way. My heart swooned and I can only wish that whenever I get engaged it will be somewhere slightly close to that moment.

In the glorious epilogue we get to read how Sawyer felt since the moment he met Everly. It was love at first sight. He knew she was the one for him right then and he would never settle for anyone but her for the rest of his life. So when he found out about Jake, he knew that she didn’t want that. Kids at 22, or half kids and step kids she has made it clear before. So as much as it killed him to end it, he had to for her and to protect Jake.

The ending of the book shows that the 3 of them are perfect for each other and happy. Sawyer’s heart can not get any fuller, especially when she offers that her honeymoon turn into a familymoon. That her parents and his can come as well to Disneyland paris. That way the family can get to know one another more and spend more time with Jake. Also that means that Jake can alternate between their room, his parents and hers. And someone can watch him while they venture out for a few days, but then spend time in Disneyland with Jake as well. Everything is just puurfect and meant to be. ADORBS.

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