Reindeer Games by Jessica Clare (Games #4.5)

“When mouthy Luna is voted off of Endurance Island: Alaska first, she’s a little bitter about it. The only thing that assuages her pride is knowing that Owen(the sexy-but-douchey guy that ousted her) was out next. This means, unfortunately, that they’re spending a lot of time at the Loser Lodge together. But will their fiercely competitive natures bring them together for the sexiest Christmas of all?

This novella originally appeared in the Snow Kissed anthology.”

-Synopsis from Goodreads

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Reindeer games is a short novella in the Games series written by Jessica Clare. Check it out on Goodreads




The quick read between Luna and Owen is a perfect add to the Games series. Luna and Owen are on the same team with 4 others on the newest season of Endurance Island. Except this season it’s not all beaches or even warmth – welcome to Alaska.

From the get go Owen and Luna hated each other. He was in constant need to be in charge and making fun of her Boston accent. So even though Luna found Owen very attractive, his bossy controlling ways and rude mouth put her off. But when Luna is voted off first which is no surprise, it actually is a surprise that Owen is voted off next. So the two enemies are left alone in the loser lodge.

Along the way things change in the game and things change in their hearts as well. With everything becoming a competition they learn more and more about each other and end up falling for one another. But will that all work out when the show ends? Or will they go back to their separate lives in different states?

Well it’s been almost a month since I last reviewed a book in the Games series. Trust me, it was not because I was burned out or having to push myself to read another book. There was just so many new great books released in the the last month that I needed to read. So I am back again at reading this beyond wonderful series and am excited to love the characters all over again.

If you have not read my reviews before – or my reviews for this series. I have already read this series around this time last year. This is actually the first series that I have ever re-read in my reading history. That shows how much I really love it, as it is ranked in my top 5 all time fave.

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Check out my review on Goodreads. Or take a look at my longer review below with all the spoilers 🙂

Book Review


Luna Collins is one of the newest contestants for Endurance Island season 3. It worked out perfectly – them filming during Christmas Break. Except when she signed up for this darn reality TV show she expected to be spending the holiday in a nice warm location. This season it’s in Alaska… and her teammates are absolutely controlling jerks. Okay well maybe one of them to be specific – Owen MacIntosh. He is constantly making fun of her Boston accent as well as calling the shots. So even if Luna’s reasoning for wanting to do things is well reasonable – Owen is against it making the rest of the group against it as well. So the first night they have no fire and no water boiled.

After the first challenge – they lost. Owen basically blamed it all on Luna. So no surprise that she was the first once voted off. Besides loser lodge wasn’t that bad. It was warm and had food. What she was not expecting is the next person to get voted off was Owen… Great now other than the camera crew it was just her and him until the next person gets voted off. Over the next few days they stayed hidden from each other. Mostly because every time they were around one another it just turned into a word fight and sometimes a food fight.

Catering came and brought over a bunch of food for the producers but Luna and Owen seemed to forget and started throwing it at each other – pissing the producers off. Thus causing a punishment to Luna and Owen. Instead of the normal final 2 there will be a final  and everyone else will be in the jury. Making Owen and Luna being by themselves in the loser lodge, since the jury lives in a different house. Even the camera crew is gone as well.

After a few days of ignoring each other, Owen asked for a truce. Claiming that it is just going to be them two for a month. From then they got along pretty well. Everything was a cute game to them and they both are very competitive. From cookie making challenges to building a snow man. Cutting down a Christmas tree or making decorations the best and fastest. It was all very cute. Along the way Owen’s view on Luna changed.

I’m not hating this whole ‘Loser Lodge’ thing, I have to admit. But Luna’s being kind
of thick-headed. How many times do I have to pick a fight with the girl to get her to realize I want to kiss her? – Owen to Kitty in the production crew.

During one of the nights they were making s’mores when Owen asked her for help in the other room. He had hung up a mistletoe and kissed her. Luna was in such shock she had no idea what was going on. Owen took that she did not want to kiss him. After heading back to fire and the s’mores, Luna asked him why he did that. Owen responded that he liked her and wanted to kiss her. They end up making out, covering each other in chocolate and having earth shattering sex.

They wake up the next morning to Kitty and the production crew cleaning up. Seems like they wrapped up filming sooner than expected. Had a couple double eliminations and such. This left the two of them in an awkward place. Even with a kiss goodbye at the airport neither of them spoke about what that night meant to them.

After a few days of moppin around Owen came and surprised her. He called and spoke to her mother first to plan everything. Seems he talked his family about opening up another bakery shop – in Boston. He was moving to be with her! And it ends with one last competition – who says they I love you first. Winner gets the hot water like every other bet has been in the loser lodge.

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