Hard Luck by Liv Morris (Luck Brothers #1)

“Meet Brady Luck…

Slugger. Hot shot. MVP.
I’ve been called it all.
I was the real deal, baby.
The diamond was my battlefield.
Women were the victory celebration.
My “Lucky” streak was a given.
On and off the field.

Then I slept with the wrong woman,
And she cursed me.
Turned my game upside-down,
In the ballpark…and bedroom.
Now my team is paying the price.

My last hope is Cali Jones,
A smart and sexy physician assistant.
Her Midas touch may fix my swing,
Repair my equipment.
But will it be enough to cure my hard luck?”

-Synopsis from Goodreads

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Hard Luck is the first book in the Luck Brother’s series written by Liv Morris. Take a longer look at this book on Goodreads!


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Brady Luck is a typical 25 year old pro athlete. He loves baseball and loves the woman. Many of them. He’ll be the first to tell you this is a one and done deal and most definitely no repeats or sleepovers. Except one night after sleeping with the wrong woman he gets a curse that could not only affect him but also his team. Brady luck was just the special lucky charm that Chicago Cubs needed to end their 100 year+ long drought of winning the World Series. Except now that Brady is cursed, his luck has run out. Or maybe his luck has rubbed off on Cali Jones.

Cali Jones deals with dicks and assholes everyday. No really, she’s a physician assistant. So even though she is surprised to see The Brady Lucky at the bar the night before she is even more shocked to see him in the office. And seeing his beautiful 9″ dick is definitely more shocking and not as arousing as you would think. Cali Jones has definitely been a fan girl for Brady Luck, but once she finds out just the type of man he really is, her fan girl fantasy’s mostly end… mostly.

Now Cali is stuck signing a contract to help out Brady and his team to win the World Series. Without Cali the whole state of Chicago could be let down. Cali just wasn’t expecting the rush of feelings she gets when she see’s Brady all the time. Especially when she learns more about him. It’s becoming harder on her to pretend to be his fiance more and more each day. Because as each day goes, it’s another day closer to their contract ending and her being a free woman. Unless Brady changes his mind and finally can stick to one woman. Or was this all just a game for him on and off the field as well?

I loved this romantic comedy. Anytime the female lead has crude humor I normally really like the book. That’s exactly what happened here.. I greatly enjoyed this book. It was wonderful to see the change not only for Brady but also Cali throughout the book. Plus it’s not a secret that I love fake relationship plots. Win win if they end up falling in love. But I mean come on these are romance books – of course there is love somewhere along the way.

I have never read anything by Liv Morris before and I am extremely glad this series is my first. It was beautifully written and damn right hilarious at some times. The inner dialogue was probably my favorite and the embarrassing and awkward moments between the two main characters were joy to read.

Tough Luck is the second book in the series and my review can be read here

Check out my review on Goodreads. Or take a look at my longer review below with all the spoilers 🙂

Book Review.png

Brady Luck is exactly what the Chicago Cubs need… Luck. It seems like they will never get a break and win that baseball World Series title, but this year thanks to Brady might just be the year to that curse finally breaks. Well until Brady happens to have a one night stand with a woman that isn’t too keen on hit and quit it. The voodoo queen does just that – a voodoo hex on Brady. The only way to break it the bad luck is if Mr. Luck meets the right special woman.

Cali Jones is a physician assistant for men’s health. She happens to be obsessed with baseball hottie Brady Luck. So imagine her surprise when she runs into him at the bar the night before? Unfortunately she did not play it cool at all, and ended up falling on her ass. Thankfully Brady was there to pick her up and asking her name. Except Brady knew he couldn’t be with her, he didn’t do relationships and Cali was the girl that would only want that. This shouldn’t bother her anyways, she’s sworn off men that play baseball. Thanks to her ex boyfriend who after 2 years broke up with her before he went MLB pro.

Cali goes to see her man – well not her man – play ball. Her best friend Taylor has season tickets and Cali tends to go often with her. For the last week Brady has been very unlucky and this game makes it worse. He is frustrated and getting worse with his luck and is even suspended for poor sportsmanship.

At Cali’s job the lead doctor unexpectedly had to take the day off because her wife is having a baby. Yes – her. This is 2017 get over it. So she takes the mysterious customer with “equipment issues”. Cali is shocked to find out it’s Brady Luck. Apparently he has been trying to jerk off for a week and hasn’t been able too. Cali is professional even when she see’s his glorious dick. When checking his balls for lumps, Brady gets an erection and actually starts jerking off in front of her. Cali quickly leaves and lets him finish. Awkward and okay very very hot.

Later that week she gets a call at the office from Brady. Guess he’s having problems again, but as soon as he hear’s Cali’s voice. Instant boner. She tells him she can’t see or talk to him again. Which does not take well. So he starts stalking and begging for help. It’s getting harder and harder for Cali to say no. She is obsessed with him, but on the other hand is disgusted by him being a manwhore and so confident.

Brady’s coach is wondering what is going on with him and asking him to figure it out. When Brady mentions that he found just the person to get him out of this slump, his coach comes up with a great idea. Which leads Brady finding Cali at the bar and bringing her to his coach’s apartment.

Not to go into too much detail but looks like Cali is probably getting a million dollars. The minor details are nothing to serious… unless you call serious pretending to be Brady Luck’s fiance for a few months…

Cali agrees only because she realizes that he is doing this not to fuck her – as much as hem adn okay she does as well – but because the fact that Brady thinks Cali is the cure to his deflated penis problem which causes focus problems which than leads to baseball problems. So she moves in with him and gets new clothes and style all on his dime. She makes jokes along the way which are quite funny – especially when she makes Pretty Woman jokes.

They share a kiss or two and it’s steamy. There is no way those two are not going to sleep with each other within the fake fiance agreement.

Brady proposes and it’s perfect… to perfect for a fake engagement. With that they tell friends and family and Cali is introduces to Brady’s brother Bryce and his mother. Cali and Brady become closer in their friendship and it’s cute to see the walls come down brick by brick for each of them. After Brady going all caveman on Cali wearing a skimpy bikini and finding out more news about her ex pro baseball boyfriend, Brady gets drunk. He comes home and Cali finally gives in to the sexual tension. They have beyond wonderful sex, many times and they connect so well. Brady realizes that by sleeping with the wrong woman who cursed him he ending up finding the right woman. Seems like forever might be in the horizon for these two.

When it’s time for the final games for the two teams – which of course is Brady’s team Chicago Cubs and Cali’s ex’s team the New York Yankees the Cubs win the world series in 4 games instead of 7. Finally breaking the losing streak. Before the end of the game Brady is freaking out and wanting to kill Cali’s ex. He’s being a major douche. His coach ends up helping him realizing something, which he can’t wait to talk to Cali about.

During his after win and MVP award he is on live TV for an interview. As soon as he see’s Cali he stops and runs to her. Telling Cali he loves her and wants to marry her for real. She expresses her love back to him and says yes. Basically the rest is history, other then them having sex in the presidents house and him telling her he wants kids. Love it.


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