The Play Mate by Kendall Ryan (Roommates #2)

“His best friend’s little sister is all grown up … and ready to play in a whole new way.

Smith Hamilton has it all—he’s smart, good-looking and loaded. But he remembers a time when he had nothing and no one, so he’s not about to mess up, especially with his best friend’s little sister. That means keeping Evie at arm’s length … even though the once pesky little girl is now a buxom bombshell. A sexy blonde who pushes his self-control to the limit the night she crawls into bed with him.

Evie Reed knows she’s blessed—with an exclusive education, a family who loves her, and a new job managing social media for her family’s lingerie company. But she wants more, like a reason to wear the sexy lingerie herself. She has just the man in mind to help with that. She’s crushed on Smith forever. Surely tricking her way into his bed will force him to see her in a new, adult way.

Except that when Evie’s plan leads to disaster, she and Smith must decide—ignore the attraction sizzling between them, or become play mates and risk it all.”

-Synopsis from Goodreads

office @TrashyBibloBlog (1).pngThe Play Mate is the second book in the Roommates series written by Kendall Ryan. Take a longer look on Goodreads.


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Evie Reed and Smith Hamilton have known each other for as long as Evie can remember. Smith was adopted at age 6 and since then has been best friends with Evie’s brother Cullen. At first Evie was that pain in the butt little sister, but somewhere down the line she became a beautiful woman that made Smith’s dick twitch everytime he saw her.

Evie felt the same way, well minus the dick twitch more of a heart melting feeling. Okay maybe she was turned on as well when she saw him. Except she always has been – at least since she was a teenager. So when her first sexcapade sucks she turns to Smith for help. Okay, okay maybe she does it the wrong way. By that she jumps into bed with him without him realizing it. Smith being a good man and not wanting to end an amazing friendship with Cullen says no and that’s that.

But we all know that can’t be true, because who would honeslty read a book about two people fighting to stay away from each other and at the end they still don’t do anything. We all know that this is a romance and this book would more than likely have a happy ending.

So with that being said, want to start placing bets how long it takes them to actually give in to each other and have sex. The answer might surprise you, because it sure surprised me. Either way the outcome was perfect for them. Except what happens when you’re falling for your buddies little sister? Sooner or later you’re going to have to tell him and that normal doesn’t turn out well. So will Smith get a black eye or will Cullen give him the approval that he wants… or maybe Smith doesn’t even want his approval maybe he’s hoping Cullen will say no so he can get 7 years younger Evie out of his life. Doubtful right? Who knows.

I down right enjoyed the hell out of this book. Could not put it down and wanted more and more of it. So glad the newest Roommates book #3 comes out next month. I knew I  was going to love this book from the very beginning. I am obsessed with Brother’s best friends book and vise versa. So this series has been a win win for me so far. Plus I adore Kendall Ryan writing. Each book I’ve read has been PERFECT and 5 star worthy for sure.

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Book Review (1)LONG REVIEW with Spoilers. SO SPOILER ALERT!!!

Evie Reed knows exactly what she wants and that happens to be her older brothers best friend Smith Hamilton. He may be 7 years older, but that’s not going to stop her anymore. Evie and her best friend Maggie are freshly graduated from College and backpacking through Europe. The last stop is Paris – full of romance and love – which is the perfect place to finally seduce Smith. A perfect male specimen that will get the job done for her – which is an orgasm and a do over since her first time was quite pathetic to say to the least.

Smith Hamilton has found Evie in his thoughts more than he should. Yes she may be 7 years younger, but she was always around. It’s been a year or so since he’s seen her, but the thought of her has always been in the back of his mind. Especially her curvy hot as hell body that happens to interfere his dreams to make them almost wet dreams every damn time. When he meets his best friend Cullen in Paris for business and dinner, he knows he will be seeing Evie as well. He is kinda half hoping she won’t be there, but also hoping to see her again.

Evie showed up, just in time to see Smith and her brother Cullen talking to 2 french girls. The guys part ways after getting numbers and have dinner. This night was not going as Evie planned, especially when she comes back from the bathroom and Smith went to bed early.

Smith goes to bed shortly after leaving dinner with thoughts of Evie in his head and well his head between his legs too. After falling asleep he is awoken to who he thinks is the french woman from the bar. She awakes him by jerking off his impressive dick. They start making out, he nibbles on her nipples and then giving her an outrageously awesome oral orgasm. After he enters her tight opening, he realizes that this woman is not who he thinks she is, it’s Evie.

Evie is beyond embarrassed and leaves after telling him she just wanted to have some experience with someone she trusted. The next morning they have breakfast with her brother Cullen and Smith won’t stop making double meanings in his words. Which would be fine and dandy if they just didn’t find out that Cullen just hired both of them to work for her grandma’s lingerie company. Fuck, fuck, fuckity fuck.

It was horrible. They both could barely be around each other without being awkward. Smith could barely make it a few hours without a boner and definitely couldn’t make it a day without jerking off more than once. So after a week of struggles he realizes his antidote for having naked Evie in his head, is to get her in his bed again. So he invites her over for dinner, and he doesn’t like it when she says no. So she finally agrees to a week later, and time goes way to fast for Evie’s liking. Well up until she got there.

Evie and Smith have a wonderful dinner and can barely keep their hands off each other. Right before Evie came over Cullen texted Smith to make plans. He hated lying to him. So Evie and Smith did not have sex that night, even though they both wanted too. They needed this to be casual until they figured things out. So they will spend more time together until then.

They sneak glances and kisses at the office until their date on Friday. During a conversation about Smith’s adopted sister having another child, Evie talks about wanting to have kids. Normally this conversation would freak Smith out, but this time it didn’t. Actually commenting to her that the thought of Evie becoming pregnant with someone else’s baby makes him want to break shit. So there goes casual. Plus Smith realizes that has fallen hard for her, that soon enough they’ll have to tell her brother.

After a few weeks things are still the same, no sex but hanging out often. Smith takes Evie to babysit his nieces and nephews and it makes them both realize that this is not casual anymore and Smith has to tell Cullen. So he does, without telling Evie. Cullen flips out, telling him to back off and not touch her. Thankfully Smith tells him no luck, and he is not letting Evie go. Cullen doesn’t believe that Smith can be a good person and not break her heart.

Smith and Evie FINALLY have sex and even though she has had sex before she still technically was a virgin because the barrier was not broken. Smith is ready to talk about everything, but apparently that isn’t clear to Evie because as soon as they second romp in the sheets she gets dressed and leaves.

Evie gets to work late and realizes Smith is not there and has a break down. He is too embarrassed to see her. Smith doesn’t go to work because he loves Evie and she left with a note that she had a good time, but he was afraid that she didn’t want anything else.

So finally Smith got to work after Cullen sends a billion angry texts. When he gets there and Evie is not he finally talks to Cullen about him and Evie. He tells him he loves his sister. That she is it for him, and will do everything to not hurt her ever. Cullen finally gives him his blessing so Smith runs off to find Evie. She is crying in her apartment and Smith comes in to save the day with his endearment and telling her he loves her and wants to be with her forever. She returns the words and they have mind blowing sex.

In the epilogue we find out that Smith and Evie get married. And they are now expecting a child and Smith could not even begin to be happier. Super cute.



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