Big Shot by Carly Phillips & Erika Wilde (Book Boyfriend #1)

“Fall in love with your next Book Boyfriend . . .

Wes Sinclair is a notorious heart-breaker, a hot as sin bad boy with a panty-dropping smile no woman can resist. Except for his prim and proper adversary, Natalie Prescott, who seems immune to his flirtatious charms. While she’s become a permanent fixture in his dirtiest, most scandalous fantasies, she wants nothing to do with him, or his seductive promises. Challenge accepted. His goal? To bring her to her knees, make her beg, and show her just how good being bad can be.”

-Synopsis from Goodreads

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Big Shot is the 1st novel in the Book Boyfriends Series written by two authors! Carly Phillips & Erika Wilde. Check it out on Goodreads!!!


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Wes Sinclair and Natalie Prescott are enemies. Except try telling their private parts that. Wes can barely be in the same room with Natalie without getting hard. And Natalie can barely have a conversation with him without getting overly wet. I mean she has had a crush on him since childhood. He’s her brothers best friend and that’s the way it’s always going to be, well other than business partner after she wins a certain bet.

Natalie and Wes can barely stand to talk to each other, but when they do the flirting and sexual tension is over the radar. They keep it strictly non-friends and very competitive. Which is what influences their bet. Both believe they’re going to win and both have pretty high demands for the winning prize. Non sexual of course. But someone has to lose and someone has to win and either way it turns into something very sexual and soon they are realizing that maybe keeping their hands off each other all these years was nothing but a waste.

But if things change between them, does that mean dear brother and best friend Connor will but a stop to anything if he finds out? Or maybe he won’t find out, not like there’s anything going on between them other than being enemies…. right?

This is my first time reading anything by Carly Phillips or Erika Wilde. I was pleased with the flow of writing. Every time I read a book with co-writers it makes me want to do the same with my best friends! I will always admit I have a soft spot for someone falling for their siblings best friend and this book was cute as well. I would say it was a little rushed at the end, which I am wondering if that’s a 2017 thing because every book that I have read that has been released this year has had a rushed ending. Besides that I was still happy with the book and adored the characters back and forth love/hate banter.

Plus if you have read the Dirty Sexy series by Carly Phillips you get a glimpse of all the couples from those books. Which I have not read anything in that series, but after reading about them a little I had to put them in my to-read and I am sure you will too.

Check out my review on Goodreads. Or take a look at my longer review below with all the spoilers 🙂

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Wes Sinclair without a doubt said HELL NO to letting his best friend Connor’s sister start working at their company. Natalie Prescott may be good at what she does, but she is even better at making his dick hard. Almost all the time and he definitely can’t have her around to figure that out. Not only would his best friend have him by the balls but also she is not worth it. He loves woman, and has no problem sleeping with many of them. Yet Wes can’t help but still flirt around Natalie every chance he gets, and she seems to love to do the same. Basically their enemies, especially in the realty world. Natalie happened to win a property that Wes was planning on buying and that was enough to make him place a bet. He knew he was going to win. So when he did – Natalie would have to do whatever he wanted when he wanted for 2 weeks. Non sexual of course – or at least that what he tells himself and Natalie. Natalie on the other hand is she wins the bet than she gets to become business partner of their company. She wants to be an equal to her brother and his best friend. They both agree – the next person that purchases a property wins.

Not to ruin it for you, but Natalie loses. Not entirely her fault. Her clients just didn’t want to outbid Wes’s clients. So Natalie is now Wes’s for 2 weeks. The first thing he wants is her to meet him at a ferris wheel at night – except she does know that at first. See Natalie hates heights, and the only thing to keep her calm after going inside of the ferris wheel cabin, is the kiss her. That’s it. Not because he wanted to kiss her or because she wanted it as well.

Natalie talks to her best friend and co-worker Richard about Wes. Wes is very jealous of him.. which he shouldn’t be because he is gay, just Wes does not know that. Natalie and Richard come up with a plan that for the next two weeks her and Wes will also be having a no strings attached sex life as well.

Wes has Natalie be his maid for poker night with the guys. It goes bad. She dresses way too sexy, burns all the food, tells the other guys Wes’s hand in poker and even orders disgusting pizza. What ends the night is Natalie spilling Wes’s beer on his pants, and trying to “help” him wipe it off, by somewhat rubbing on his dick. Wes can’t take it anymore and as soon as the guys head home for the night he is on Natalie and begging to please her and himself. After some amazing orgasms they decide that this will just be a 2 week fling. No strings attached and its just a transition for Natalie. Since she has not slept with anyone since her last boyfriend Mitch. Who was vanilla but still ended up cheating on her. At first Wes is cool with being the transition guy, but than he starts to get a little jealous of things, mostly just being a transition for his sweet and perfect minx.

On day 10. Natalie realizes that she has fallen for her brothers best friend. That after day 14 when the arrangement is over they would go back to being enemies. Wah wah. Especially on day 11 when she got the flu and Wes was there to take care of her and even cuddle. Super adorbs.

On day 14 Wes didn’t want things to end. He didn’t want to be the transition guy or the simple fling. But he wasn’t sure how to approach it. He didn’t want to get let down when Natalie said no. When Wes finally got the balls to tell her – which was after he emptied his balls inside of her – she wanted to talk to him first. She received a job offer from a realty company in Atlanta. She was going to be calling on Monday to accept it. Wes had no idea what to say, all he knew is when she left his office – she was taking a piece of him with her and he would never be the same.

As Natalie was leaving Premier Realty she runs into her brother Connor. Which of course sends a red signal to Connor about her and Wes. Connor confronts Wes, which he tells him everything – even that he loves Natalie. Connor gives Wes his blessing to stop her from going to Atlanta. Plus Connor always knew that Natalie loved Wes. He read her journal a few years back.

Natalie is having a pity party with Richard when Wes comes over to her condo. Swoon my heart he asks her to be open with him and tell her what she wants. She responds that she loves him and then Wes says it back. Telling her that he doesn’t want her to leave – that he talked to all the guys at the Premier Realty and they want her to work there. That he want to be committed to her and only her. She agrees of course and then they confirm it by amazing sex.


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