Blush for Me by Kristen Proby (Fusion #3)

As the take-charge wine bar manager of Seduction, Portland’s hottest new restaurant, Katrina Meyers is the definition of no-nonsense, and she isn’t afraid of anything. Well, almost anything: she hates to fly. When she’s forced to travel on a death trap with wings, the turbulence from hell has her reaching for any safe haven—including the incredibly handsome guy sitting next to her.

Ryan “Mac” MacKenzie hasn’t been able to get his sexy seatmate out of his head. The way she clung to him stirred something inside him he didn’t think existed: tenderness. As the owner of a successful wine touring company, Mac thinks he’s got a handle on what life can throw at him and he’s not prepared for any surprises, especially in the feelings department. And when he brings a tour into Seduction, he sees the petite spitfire he just can’t forget.

Mac is determined to discover what else they have in common besides fine wine and the inability to keep their hands off each other. But what will it take for two stubborn people to realize that what they have is so much more than a hot chemistry between the sheets and to admit to falling in love…?”

-Synopsis from Goodreads

Wine @TrashyBibloBlogBLUSH FOR ME is the 3rd novel in the Fusion series written by Kristen Proby! Check it out on Goodreads!!!


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So if you have never read anything by Kristen Proby, just stop reading my review now and start reading her books. SERIOUSLY STOP and DO IT. She is listed in my top 11 favorite authors, and I would say pretty high up there for a reason. I honestly love every single one of her series, and there has not been a book published that I have not read. I also can not list them in order of which I love more – although I would start with the With Me in Seattle Series first especially before the Boudreaux series – they are somewhat linked 😀

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Boudreaux series | Fusion series |

Fate becomes Kat and Mac’s best friend when it sits them together during Kat’s first time flying. Which even though Kat was in discomfort, she is probably just as thankful as Mac is that they were seated next to each other. Mac is there to comfort her and calm her down from extreme panic attacks. The bond and trust from the very beginning is strong and beautifully blossoming.

I was drawn in with the two characters from the very beginning. Was amazed at how well they just are absolutely perfect for each other within a few chapters. As luck would have it, they both were going to the same wine convention and both had an opened mind about a week long sex relationship and that’s it. Yet as a reader I already noticed how perfect they blend together. The relationship is real, and without them noticing it leaves them both raw and in need for each other.

Mac and Kat are both people who are not ready for a serious relationship, yet the universe seems to think otherwise. They both don’t really fight it too much, I mean they are adults and can do what they want without feelings… right? Except when one day turns into the next, and as weeks go by are their feelings still just stuck on a sexcation only?

When friends and family get involved or situations get hard, will they have each other to lean on? Or will the no relationships, no love and definitely just a sexcation vibe stick? Or maybe since the flight they both knew that they fit each other perfectly and complimented each other lifestyles even more perfectly. Just will they see that before it’s too late? Or will someone else’s addiction problem pull them away?

I doubt I will ever find a book by Kristen Proby that I don’t fall in love with and always want to rant and rave about. And I can promise that I am not let down once again. The relationship between was real and not fairy tale book boyfriend type. Yes there were moments when Mac seemed to good to be true, but what happened between them is real life adventures and real life circumstances. I always do love books that I feel like are not over stretching on that make believe romance novel love. Please do yourself a favor and read ANYTHING written by Kristen Proby. Just pick anything – as long as it’s the first book in that series – AHHHH pet peeve for people to read out of order. So anyways pick up any FIRST book in any of her series and you definitely should not be let down. Happy reading ❤

Check out my review on Goodreads. Or take a look at my longer review below with all the spoilers 🙂

Book Review

Katrina “Kat” Meyers hates flying, well actually she has never flown before and her first experience did not go any better than she expected. Minus the fact of the very attractive and nice person next to her, Ryan “Mac” MacKenzie. Little did she know that airplane hottie would also be at the time wine convention she is at. After a few glasses Kat admits to Mac that her and her friends were hoping that this vacation for her would be a “sexcation” as well. Except when she admitted that to Mac, he still walked her up to her hotel room and left her only with a kiss on the cheek. Sigh.

Thankfully the next few days go differently. They do wine tours by day and body tours by night – sorry I know bad joke. The chemistry is off the charts with them, but they both agree this is a one week thing. No last names or numbers exchanged. So even though they both have had the best sex of their lives MANY times that’s all it will be. At least that’s what Kat keeps saying, I think Mac has other ideas.

I’m only a few chapters in and already in love with these two. Just the way they fit together in and out of the bedroom. The humor and conversations are perfect. Among the way they just fit together in general. In his arms, and most definitely on his lap while they fly home. This may be her second time flying but she is just as panicked if not more than the first time. Sweetly he unbuckles her seat belt – after demanding the flight attended that he will be doing so – and calms her down in his lap for the remainder of the flight.

Two weeks later, there might be some regret on Kat’s side that they did not exchange numbers or he didn’t come find her since he knew where she worked. A few minutes later in he walks with a wine tour. You think she would know it was him – except he uses his real name Ryan. Which makes Kat think that he lied about his name. He asks to see her that weekend and when she calls him a liar, the ego man Mac drops off his business card and walks away. Written on the card is Ryan “Mac” MacKenzie.

Kat being the independent woman she is rushes off to the address on his card. Basically demanding that she is just that – an independent woman and only likes being controlled in the bedroom. Later that day Mac returns to her business that she owns with her best friends. As Mac meets them, we get caught up on what’s going on with the main characters in the first two books of this series. Which is why I love series books that entwine. He creates a cute little date outside with lights, where they chat and relax. When he goes to drive her home, they found out that they live in the same complex as each other. It kinda freaks Kat out, because she does not want to move if something happens, but she still agrees upon another date with Mac. This time she will be cooking him food at her home.. even if her friends are scared of her actually cooking since she normally well doesn’t.

No surprise, dinner doesn’t go well so she orders out. They make it through dinner withing fucking only because Mac told his brother he could get through dinner without doing so. But as soon as the plates were empty it was fair game and perfect. Kat finally got some sleep, which was greatly needed. She hasn’t really got a good nights rest since going to California.

Mac opens up to Kat about his parents. His dad lost his jobs a few years back and since then has picked up gambling. Even though they have lost everything and are always broke, his mother still sticks around. He father can’t be trusted anymore, so Mac and his brother Chase help out by paying the bills and groceries but that’s it. It’s caused a real damper on their relationship.

It’s been a few weeks as Mac and Kat are doing well and causally dating. Mac’s mother is demanding $5,000 because someone might be coming after their father for money owed. Kat has a college background in therapy and counseling and Mac thinks she might be able to help his mother. So he introduces them one night after going out to dinner.

Kat was able to calmly talk to their mother, Bonnie. And have her leave her husband and go to stay with Chase. Bonnie is not officially leaving him, but only trying to make him realize that she can’t take this anymore, especially after we learn that he is verbally abusive to her. Mac and Kat talk and stay up for hours to comfort each other. Kat makes a statement about her being there for him because that’s what people in relationships do. Mac did not correct her or seem upset by that term.

The next morning Kat wakes up to Mac telling her to pack a bag. He is taking her a way for a little bit.  They head off to a local beach where he has a condo. They have fun playing in the water after spending a lot of time together in bed and having sex out of it. Kat helps a young kid build a sand castle and it helps make Mac realize that he is falling for her. So when he tells her, he expects her to say they are moving to fast but her response is cute – basically saying she is glad he was catching up.

The next few weeks are basically the same. Lots of sex, cute conversations and getting to know each other as boyfriend/girlfriend. Mac and Chase’s mother is getting better and talking to Kat more. And Mac is getting to know Kat’s friends, even went to a couples baby shower.

Kat’s 30th birthday arrives, and they go out to the club. She shows Mac how much she will do for her friends when nasty bitchy girls come up to Mia and call her fat and to not dance with one of their “man”. Kat punches her in the nose, and the stupid girls leave them alone. The next day Mac surprises her with a trip to Vancouver and also her parents are there as well.

The last surprise for her birthday is that Mac got sold out tickets to Adele.  She was beyond ecstatic and so happy. She group texts her friends while waiting in line for the bathroom before the show started. Except she gets interrupted by the same man that helped her with her flat tire a few weeks ago. She drops her phone, and they take her away, knocking her unconscious.

Mac freaks out when Kat does not return. Notifies the security at the concert and calls all her friends. He finds her phone and still can’t find her. After hours of nothing, Chase and Mac keep getting calls from their dad. Chase mentions to their dad that Kat was taken… ding ding ding. The people he owes money to, are holding Kat for money.

Kat wakes up and finds out what is going on. She is locked up in a room on a gross couch. Mac’s dad owes them $250,000.00 for illegal gambling. They call Mac to inform him that they have his girlfriend and why. Kat is able to talk to Mac for a a few seconds on the phone. There is conversations going on outside and then gun shots. Finally the police are there as well. Mac’s dad knew where the “bad guys” offices where and was able to give them up. Kat is safe!

They take her to the hospital just to make sure that she is fine, which she is. Then Addie is having her baby. They stay there in waits for baby Ella to arrive. Kat and Mac go and see them first after the baby is born, and Kat finally realizes that maybe having a kid is in her future after all.

Kat tells Mac she loves him, and Mac responds back with the cutest and most romantic thing I have ever heard. My heart was so happy for her and also super jealous that men like Mac have not entered my life before.

Six weeks later. Mac and Chase’s dad is doing well with his treatment and his mom is probably moving back home in a few weeks. Kat and Mac are doing well and super happy and ready to plan the rest of their lives together. Kat and her best friends and co-owners at their restaurant – Seduction get a call from some TV producers that wants to have their restaurant/bar on their show. Some are ecstatic and others not so much, but it seems like this is the set up for the next novel about Riley and maybe the shows executive producer Trevor Cooper. Although I was kind of hoping this would be a book about Chase and Riley. This book about Riley and Trevor comes out August 22, 2017. WHY SO FAR AWAY?!?!? Add The Beauty of Us (Fusion, #4) on Goodreads!

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