Catching Carly by Emma Heart (Barely Cross #2)

“Life Goal #1: Forget about my best friend’s brother. (Because Zeke Elliott is a colossal cockwomble.)

From New York Times bestselling author, Emma Hart, comes another hilariously wild romantic comedy about being the third wheel in your friendship and, um, accidentally having sex with your best friend’s brother…”

-Synopsis from Goodreads

Catching Carly is the second book in the Barely Cross series. Add it on Goodreads!

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This is the second book I have read from author Emma Hart. After reading the first book in the series, I went onto Goodreads and shelved at least 5 of her other books in my To-Read shelf.

Check out the first book – Being Brooke. I read this book in less than a day and could not put it down. It was hilarious and adorable. I encourage you read it before this book, since it’s about two of her best friends, and one of those’s brother.

This book was also added to my Best of edition: Top 20 best friends siblings blog post

I adore books that have romantic comedy plots and also siblings best friends. ADORE. So this book was probably a win win for me from the beginning. I love the hateful banter back and forth for Zeke and Carly. The sexual tension could of been cut with a knife on so many occasions and even their friends and family would call them out on it. Except no one really knew that they already have had sex. Carly is trying to get that piece of tidbit out of her mind. Not because his bits where small, trust her when she can confirm that he has big hands and feet for a reason. But because she hates him so much that she can barely stand to be in the room with him for more than a few minutes. Which normally is fine, since she barely saw him. But now he just shows up everywhere, and her vagina keeps begging for more. That vagina of her’s is quite the slut.

The pent up anger and aggression was a perfect mix of one damn great fantasy. I wanted to push them together as much as I could. Yet when you still least expect it they come barreling into each other and start making out. Each moment was perfect, even if I did want it to happen more often than it didn’t. At least in the beginning.

If you’re looking for a mostly quick read, especially one that makes you laugh at the inner dialogue of the character Carly. I do recommend this book. Just beware for some trust issues and lots of steamy pent up fighting. When they finally fall in love, not only did they not realize it but either will you.

Enjoy 😀

Check out my review on Goodreads. Or take a look at my longer review below with all the spoilers 🙂

Book Review (1)


We’ve all done stupid things while we’re drunk, right? Well Carly Porter happened to make a stupid mistake of sleeping with her guy best friends brother. See if you had read the first book in this series – Being Brooke – You would know that her two best friends Brooke and Cain FINALLY after 8 years became way more than friends, and trust me when I say they want the world to know it. So when Carly got sick and tired of being the 3rd wheel, she got drunk and ended up in bed with Zeke Elliot. She’ll tell you it never happened, hell she even pretends to herself that it didn’t mean anything. Except her two best friends tell them they need to either be separated on a permanent basis, or just have sex. Little do they know…

Online dating isn’t really Carly’s thing. Too many unwanted dick pics. And speaking of unwanted. Every time she see’s Zeke, her vagina is desperate for another chance. Carly completely disagrees, her vajayjay is a whore. Besides her vagina betraying her, she has to find a date for her Grandma’s party. Which means online dating… we all know that doesn’t always go well. Especially when hot 31 year old lawyer turns out to be ginger older not fit guy named Scott. Conveniently enough Zeke also was on a date in the same restaurant. He kindly helps her escape the horrid date. Mostly because he wanted her to the jump through the bathroom window so he can see her thong. Typical guy.

He drives her home… well kind of. They get ice cream first and go for a swim. Sounds cute right? Nope, Zeke forces her to buy him ice cream because he “saved” her. Then he tosses Carly into the freezing cold water. If she didn’t hate him so much it might of been fun and playful, especially when he says he battles whether to kiss her or not. Her brain was glad but I think somewhere deep inside her heart was disappointed.

So Carly ends up bringing Zeke to her Grandma’s party. Big mistake? YES! But not the way you would think. Grandma’s boobs keep popping out of her dress, their gay friend has a drag show and Brooke’s grandfather begs to be the stripper type. Carly, Brooke, Zeke and Cain leave asap and do what anyone would do after being scarred for life… hit the bar.

So normally my reviews are a lot longer than this, but I have been crazy busy with work. So bare with me on the shortness. Hell maybe you guys like these short ones better? Let me know!

Zeke kisses Carly, like hardcore up against the wall. Makes her hot and horny and then just leaves. So when Carly asks the next day what the ever loving fuck is going on and why he kissed her and left, she gets no response. So she goes on another date. Zeke ends up being there as well – thanks to best friend Brooke. Zeke basically tells Carly she needs to leave this guy she’s out on a date with. I mean the guy seems perfect to her, but Zeke knows diffenently. The date just wants to find someone to sleep with. Which is true, considering she saw him date making out with someone else after going outside to take a phone call.

Zeke and Carly get into a fight at Brooke’s business. That the reason he is so hesitant is because of what happened to him – he caught his fiance cheating on him 2 weeks before their wedding. Carly flipped out on him and said that she is not her, and never will be her and she can’t do whatever this is if he is going to compare her to his ex or never trust her. So Carly runs off to Brooke and Cain and Zeke follows after and makes out with her in front of everyone. Telling her he wants to try, give him one shot.

That one shot she gives him? It’s a weekend in NOLA. Which btw was a nice surprise, since I will be going there for the first time this May. We get a glimpse into Zeke’s friend Mellie and her life in New Orleans – Her book will be coming out June 12th, 2017 The Upside To Being Single. Although when they go to NOLA they don’t seem to have much fun outside of the hotel room. Too hot, too smelly and too crowded. Bummer. But the bedroom was where they barely wanted to leave. Finally having sober sex, and it was explained in wonderful writing and romantic.

They come home, and kinda date. Meaning having sex often. One morning after he helped her paint the bathroom they woke up to Carly being awkward. I mean she did sleep naked and did start her period. That is like a ticking bomb to men. So even though he was trying to be helpful and get her stuff to make her better – chocolate, sugar, desserts, coffee and cheese. She still freaks out when she see’s his ex call his cell phone. So she runs to Brookes.

Finally Carly realizes that she freaks because she loves him, and she goes off to his house after ignoring his calls/texts all day. Originally she didn’t want to tell him she loved him. But after not getting through to him about needing to know what’s going on between them. She needed a label, not for others but herself. He couldn’t really explain it to her like she wanted. So after turning around from almost leaving out his door she explained. She loved him, she needed to know if he would be her fairy tale happily ever after because that is what she wants in life, and if he isn’t it she needs to know now before her heart can break more. He doesn’t say anything at first, so she leaves. Finally he comes outside and stops her. Telling her that he doesn’t want all the stuff that she wants… he wants only her, he wants her happily ever after because he loves her as well, no one else. Definitely not his ex who he’s been ignoring calls from for months. So that’s it. Guess they all lived happily ever after ❤


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