Anything You Can Do by R.S. Grey

“Lucas Thatcher has always been my enemy.

It’s been a decade since I’ve seen him, but our years on opposite coasts were less of a lasting peace and more of a temporary cease-fire. Now that we’re both back in our small town, I know Lucas expects the same old war, but I’ve changed since high school—and from the looks of it, so has he.

The arrogant boy who was my teenage rival is now a chiseled doctor armed with intimidating good looks. He is Lucas Thatcher 2.0, the new and improved version I’ll be competing with in the workplace instead of the schoolyard.

I’m not worried; I’m a doctor now too, board-certified and sexy in a white coat. It almost feels like winning will be too easy—until Lucas unveils a tactic neither of us has ever used before: sexual warfare.

The day he pushes me up against the wall and presses his lips to mine, I can’t help but wonder if he’s filling me with passion or poison. Every fleeting touch is perfect torture. With every stolen kiss, my walls crumble a little more. After all this time, Lucas knows exactly how to strip me of my defenses, but I’m in no hurry to surrender.

Knowing thy enemy has never felt so good.”

-Synopsis from Goodreads

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I have read a handful of R.S. Grey’s books and am usually never let down. Her Romantic Comedies are usually a hoot and are greatly written. Some are even in my top 25 favorite books so I recommend..

| The Allure Series |

The Heart Novels | Scoring Wilder |

I want to officially start of this review saying this is probably my favorite book of 2017. And I am pretty sure it’s going to stay high up there. If I could give it more than 5 stars I would. I honestly loved this book that much. I could not stop reading and was getting annoyed when interrupted.

Daisy Bell moved away from home 11 years ago for medical school. Only coming back for the shot of finally owning her own practice after the local doctor is retiring. Imagine her surprise when her arch enemy, next door neighbor and best friends older brother will also be working at the same office to possibly own the practice as well. They have hated each other since day one. Since well they were born the same day. Everything was always a competition. Always trying to win or one up each other.

Yet when working so close to each other and finally releasing that tension that has been held back their fighting becomes more than just trying to win the reward of being the winner.

Their hearts start becoming the package prize of their debates. Except maybe all along one of them has been fighting for a whole other reason. Or maybe both were, who knows. They sure as hell didn’t for a while.

All Daisy knows is that Lucas Thatcher is the last person she wants to run a practice with, let alone be stuck in a small room for 24 hours after  a mishap happens. Lucas has secrets, as does Daisy. But which person secret is bigger than the others? And will that secret break everything that they fought about for the last 28 years for better or maybe it could actually be for the worse.

I can not express enough how much I honestly loved this book. Top book I’ve read this year and I am sure it will stay high up there. I loved the banter between the two, the easy aggression and competition they both had towards each other. And as always the sexual tension was way beyond off the charts. Do yourself a favor and read this book ASAP!

Check out my review on Goodreads. Or take a look at my longer review below with all the spoilers 🙂Book Review (13).png


28 year old Daisy Bell is returning home to Hamilton, Texas after calling somewhere else home for 11 years. So of course a welcome home party is called for. Except the thought of her next door neighbor being there sends angry chills throughout her body.  Even if his sister, Madeleine Thatcher is her childhood best friend. Thankfully he is still in California, while Daisy comes back to work at Dr. McCormick’s clinic before he retires. All the hard work she has done in medical school and during her residency is finally going to pay off. She will have her own practice, once Dr. McCormick’s retires. Well that was the plan.. then Daisies show up at her moms house, and instantly hatred fills through her veins. Lucas Thatcher, the bane of her existence is back. Which is bad enough, until you add in the fact that he will now be working at the SAME doctors office in town. Because when you hate someone so much, it only makes sense that exact person also went to school to be a doctor.

Their hate for each other has affected others as well, hell one of there childhood school counselors quit her job and moved to New York after 1 hour of being in the same room with them. The two were so cruel to each other, her hope for humanity in the world was lost. Even before that they were rivals. Basically on day one, considering they were born the same day. Only 58 mins apart. When one did something great or amazing, the other had to top it. One crawled and walked first as the other (Lucas) talked and was potty trained first. Their loving parents dressed them up alike and had combined birthday parties for them.

Daisy had to go and see Dr. McCormick before her first day tomorrow. Had to know WHY just why he would hire both her and Lucas and not tell her. He explains that he didn’t mean for this to happen, but then he received 2 emails and 2 voicemail’s within the same day. He realized this might be the best thing for the practice, because for the last 5 years he’s been working non stop and working through his lunches. Having two or hell maybe one day 3 doctors is probably what’s best. Especially since his doctors office is the only one in Hamilton, and Hamilton Texas keeps growing in population.

So Daisy does what any adult women would do when she hasn’t seen her rival enemy in 11 years.. she gets beautified. New hair, hair removed everywhere and new work wardrobe. Her mother barely recognizes her, and that’s exactly what she wanted to be more girly girl type than normal. Her last day without Lucas back in her life was going well, up until she got a call from a number she didn’t recognize. It was Lucas, hell who else would it be? This loser called from a payphone just so she couldn’t get his number. The games have begun, and Daisy is going to do everything in her power to make Lucas quit at the office as soon as yesterday.

First days at the new job are usually hard and nerve wrecking enough, but the first day for Daisy is more. She has to see him first, before he see’s her. Be a step above his game and even her owns. When they see each other for the first time in 11 years, everything falls easily back in place. Hatred and the urge to win the game of being the winner at everything and better than Lucas. Daisy still feels her blood bubble up and boil with angry towards him. Has nothing to do with the fact that he cleans up nice, lost his chubby cheeks, has style and wears glasses as well as Clark Kent. It’s all anger, it could never ever be anything else. That thought would never cross her mind. Definitely when the new office girls flirt with him, she takes it as wanting to be liked more than him, and nothing to do with jealousy. Absolutely nothing, I am sure.

The feud is stronger than it’s ever been, as if it was yesterday and not 11 years since the last. Daisy is doing her best to get the girls in the office to favor her instead of him. Except when she is trying to make plans for coffee with them, a delivery boy interrupts. Lucas had fresh warm donuts delivered for the staff. Even was nice enough to say it was from Daisy as well. Or at least some of it was. The donuts were from him, and Daisy had “fresh” fruit delivered. Except it wasn’t so fresh and not so great looking. Everyone of course bypassed that. Daisy really needs to step up her game.

After a talk with Dr. McCormick, Lucas cages Daisy against the wall. What seems intimate to others, really isn’t. Although Daisy’s heart is beating at rapid speed when he places his hand on her coat, making statements about it. When leaving for the day, Daisy just wants to get the hell out of dodge as fast as she can, and doesn’t look both ways. She was almost run over by a delivery truck, if it wasn’t for Lucas grabbing her arm and saving her. Making jokes about she can’t get away from him that easy. So the flutter in her heart when he holds onto her arm just a little longer, it’s not from him but I am sure from almost getting hurt. So where was he when on the way home Daisy fell off her bike after sliding on an oil patch? Lucas sure is going to have a field day when she comes into work the next day with a cast.

Because of this wonderful cast, Daisy and Lucas will have to see their patients together. Daisy tries showing that she can do everything on her own, but fails when she ends up dropping things due to only having one hand and a giant cast.  Things of course are not going well, they are both trying to work on the patient and it’s causing discomfort to her. When Lucas pulls her outside of the room, he once again cages her. Saying things to make her blush and making her run away from him. Her mother had to pick her up from work considering she can’t ride her bike with a cast. No surprise that her mother wanted to talk to sweet Lucas and try and make plans for her family and his to have a game night soon. Them talking reminds Daisy of a high school memory of them both winning prom King and Queen together and having to dance. Lucas’s palms were sweaty and she could feel his pulse. He kept staring at her and he she took all of that as being upset with the voters and in such rage he was shaking. I however see this as nervousness at actually being so close to her finally. I really think he’s been pinning for her all along, just too afraid to admit it.

Daisy goes to the grocery store to get out for a little bit and away from her mom. She forgets how small of a town they live in is, and runs into so many people. In sweats and without makeup. No surprise Lucas is there as well, but he keeps ignoring her. Which drives Daisy crazy. She finally goes up to him, and he acts almost casual and even helps her with her shopping kind of and loads up her car for her. When leaving he tells her that he was avoiding her because he figured she would not want to be noticed like she was. When she gets into her car and looks in the mirror, she realizes that not only is she in sweats and no make up, but she also has under eye face masks on. Yet before he left he said “I think you look pretty cute like that”. Daisy takes it as him just feeling bad for her and making a joke. I think otherwise.

Game night is planned, not be Daisy’s choice. So she talks to Madeleine (Lucas’s sister and her best friend) asking her if her or Lucas will be bringing a date. Just for a head count for the chairs. Madeleine seems to see right through it, and admits she kind of always has but doesn’t stress much. Even seems to revert the question to Daisy and her dating life. Hmm maybe big old brother asks her the same questions about Daisy.

Daisy and Lucas get talked to about their bedside manor to the patients. They are doing a horrible job and even have been told they are fighting too much instead of listening and taking care of the clients.

Daisy is unable to wash her hair with one arm still in a cast, so her mother is helping her in the sink. During that she notices Lucas outside cutting her mothers lawn without a shirt on. Right then and there she needs to go check the mail asap. While out there she flakes it off that he is improper and showing off for the neighbors which is wrong. Lucas ignores her for a little bit, until he mentions that Daisy has shampoo still in her hair. Then her mother comes out yelling that Daisy already checked the mail. She is one big ball of embarrassments when he comes to be around Lucas. And the heat and warmth in her skin later that night has nothing to do with remembering Lucas without a shirt, but because she is having hot flashes.

We finally get a glimpse into Lucas’s view and it’s just as I expected, he has had feelings for Daisy. Even missed her while she was gone. Drafting out emails to send to her during those 11 years. Yet he never did. Even the one where he admitted to getting a full scholarship to Duke where she went, but didn’t go because he overheard her tell his sister that he wants to get away from him and never seen him again.

During their first morning patient, there was a little confirmation by the older women. She was beyond not nice and was overly harsh on Daisy. After a little while, Lucas finally spoke up and barked back. Where the patient left. Daisy was in such surprise so later that day she asked him if he did that because he was the only one allowed to fight wit her. His answer at the end was yes, but before he said that something happened. A spark. The sexual tension was high and through their fight, he corned her against the wall again and they became closer and closer until he kissed her. And when they started making out and he pulled away, Daisy pulled him back because this was still a competition, and she says when they are done. Things became way heated and there was a lot of grinding of very hard parts in very wet areas. They get interrupted by the office staff and barely have time to cool off before their next patient.

Madeleine gets Daisy to go to a speed dating singles event, and that’s the last thing she wants. Especially when low and behold Lucas see’s her outside and is smiling at her. We get to read another draft email from Lucas. Saying how unhappy he was to see her at a singles event, but also glad that she was talking to someone that was not interested in her. That he is afraid that sooner or later that one of the guys that have been asking about her will finally get the balls to ask her out, and then his chance will be gone. Hell dude I think you need those balls first.

The next day, Lucas is being kind of ballsy actually and throwing hints and sexual things even stepping into her space. Daisy keeps bantering things back like telling HR, but her body is betraying her and wanting him to be her, begging him to touch her. They once again get interrupted.

Madeleine has a “movie night” and it ends up being a party. Daisy gets drunk and tries to beat Lucas at Beer Pong. She fails, and when Lucas tries to see if she is okay since she probably hasn’t eaten. Madeleine interrupts them which I am sure is an accident.

The next morning they have a booth at the fair, and try to avoid each other the best that they can. Up until they have to rush back to the office because one of the Dr’s friends is really sick. After finding out he has tuberculosis they are quarantined, just in case for 24hrs. Meaning both of them are stuck in the same small room together, just the two of them. When Lucas starts to question why Daisy is freaking out so much and trying to get out, he asks her if it’s because she wants to kiss him again. When she doesn’t answer he suggest they play truth or dare. Which ends almost as soon as it starts. Well until later when it’s brought up again.

Right at their about to go to bed, Lucas changes out of his clothes and it makes Daisy want to do things she shouldn’t. Yet Lucas has the same idea as well. They attach each other without saying a word and just as Daisy is about to get some release, someone knocks on the door asking if they were okay. Daisy rushes off to the bathroom that’s located in the room thankfully. After a little while she’s had enough, she goes over to Lucas and tells him her truth, that yes she’s thought about the kiss. That she wants it to happen again. When he says nothing and does nothing, Daisy takes it into her own hands. They make out, Daisy finally gets that release and Lucas gets an amazing blow job. All while he mentions a few things like wanting this for a while. Daisy doesn’t seem to notice. After Daisy is done sucking him off, she rushes back to the bathroom not sure what to think. Just in time to be released to go home.

Daisy tries to avoid Lucas, really she does. But then she is brought back to the memories of what happened, and then she is dragging Lucas to his office and stripping. Confessing that she is only doing this specific winning reasons

“I need you to fall for me. I want you to hand your heart over willingly so I can break it. That way, you’ll leave and give me the practice.”

Lucas has no problem agreeing and stripping as well. He then replies back with

“I want to fuck with you. Make you fall in love with me. So that when I break your heart, you’ll leave and give me the practice. And believe me, I really want to fuck with you.”

Lucas fingers Daisy, and when she’s reached the perfect O heaven, they have another patient so hurry up and get dressed. Later she tells Lucas that her mother is getting on her about game night and that he should show up Saturday because her mom would be upset. In reality her mom has not been on her about it, and she just made the plans right then and there.

Daisy was beyond excited, but she would never admit that. She bought all of Lucas’s favorite things and was getting dressed up. But then she found out that her mother invited Kelly from school and Patrick. Dates for her and Lucas. She tried to be nice, but really it wasn’t working. All she could see what Kelly flirting with Lucas, and when Kelly went to hug him about an hour into playing games she rushed off upstairs saying she didn’t feel well. A few minutes later Lucas came upstairs asking if she was okay. She said no and described her symptoms basically of jealousy and a hurt heart. With a smile Lucas gave Daisy another orgasm this time with his tongue. Just as he finished up and was leaving over her giving her a kiss on the cheek, Daisy’s mother walks in shocked and drops a mug. Everyone else comes upstairs to make sure they were okay and Daisy just starts laughing because dear old Kelly sits on Daisy’s bed just where her bare butt was and Lucas gave her an orgasm.

Previous that week Daisy’s mother mention that the house was going to be fumigated and that she would have to find a place to stay for a week. Her mother told her she could not help her, her best friend said she could not stay there. But when Lucas offered his home, she declined and stayed at the one star motel for barely an hour and then rushed off to Lucas’s. He told him she wanted sex, so he made dinner, when they went to sit down the dinner was uncooked. She said she wanted sex again. He ordered pizza. She was ready for this and she knew he was too.. What was going on?

Pizza was forgotten about after one bite, and then they were finally having sex on the counter. Daisy slept in the guest bedroom, she needed room for a little bit. They acted like nothing happened at work the following morning, but actually acted civil and almost like friends. When they got back to his apartment they had wine and read magazines on the couch while dinner was cooking. When Daisy wanted to make her own sauce she took over his kitchen, while he put his arms around her waist. And before dinner was even finished, they finished each other off on the couch.

Daisy received a phone call from her gay best friend in college. The company that he works for is opening up a new medical clinic in her town. They are offering her the clinic to be hers. Normally she would of jumped for this, get away from Lucas. Yet now she is uncertain. So when she tells Lucas, and he notices that she already signed the contract.. even though she was still unsure to send it or not. He disappears for the day, leaving her the key to apartment because he won’t be home till late. Daisy realizes that she might actually be feeling the 4 letter word for her worst enemy.

When he finally comes home, she tells him she is not taking the job. That this fight between them is over. He tells her it never was supposed to be a fight. That for the last 28 years the reason why he never had a series girlfriend and reason why he always broke up with the girls he was dating before he visited home again, was because he wanted her. He was trying to forget about her with any other female, but they never were her. He then packed his bag and left. Daisy was screaming, and he never once raised his voice. Telling her she needs to find a new place to stay as he walked out the door.

After sitting on his couch, she starts to go through his boxes and finds DVD’s labeled with his and her name on it. She fights to watch them and finally does. She finds one that Lucas is making flowers for Daisy, wanting to ask her to the dance. She didn’t see that part. All she saw was him tell her he should go with him because no one else will. But that was only after Madeleine ran downstairs before him to try and tell her first. Lucas has loved her all along. She tried calling his cell, but he never answered. Then the ping of her e-mail notification went off. It was an e-mail from Lucas.

He finally sent an e-mail. Told her that he has written 351 emails and saved them as drafts unable to send them. That he has loved her for 18 years, and still loves her even when they were not together. That he should have moved on when she had no interest and found another girl in college but non were her, he could not stop loving her. That he fought with her because that was the only way she would stay in his life. That he would have her any way he could. Except now he realized that it was all one sided, that she could just sign something and leave him after everything that has happened recently. All so she could win the war between them, because that was all it ever was to her. He then asks her if this all was worth it.

She realizes she was naive the whole time. That the fighting and the war was a defense mechanism to hid his feelings for her. So when she writes an e-mail back telling him she was not going to take the job that she wants to start over. He never responds. Even takes the week off of work. But Daisy is not going to give up. He didn’t for 28 years. Now it’s her turn. So she keeps emailing him, in hopes that he will reach out to her and she can fix this.

So time to start over and do something she should have done years ago. Daisy had Madeleine bring Lucas to the Sadie Hawkins Dance. She jumped on stage, stole the microphone from a little girl and declared her love for him on stage. He was hesitant at first, but after a little while he was back to talking to her. Without even talking about it, she had him drive her to her mom’s house so she can get the rest of her stuff. She is moving in with Lucas. Except when they get to her mom’s house, she is cuddled up on the couch with Dr.McCormick.

When the head back to work Monday, Daisy is sure she is going to be fired. Yet Dr. McCormick is retiring early. He found the love of his life – Daisy’s mom – and they are going to travel the world. He is living the practice to be joint owned by Lucas and Daisy. They are ecstatic. And with that before the Epilogue is read, he tells her that he officially won the war. Because he got everything that he ever wanted.

The epilogue was adorbs. Which I knew it would be because this book is probably my top favorite read of 2017 thus far and it might stay that way for a while. Daisy’s mom is getting married to Dr. McCormick. During the wedding, Daisy and Lucas can hardly pay attention to anything but each other. When they leave to head to the reception they joke about their wedding. Where Daisy admits that she has known about him “hiding” a ring. She found it the weekend she moved in when they first started dating. Lucas admitted that he asked his mother for the family ring the day he moved back to Texas. Then even though they were joking about it, he got down on one knee and proposed. She cried and they made out like teenagers. Because they both truly won the war and have been doing great at the practice.



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