Ice Games by Jessica Clare (Games #3)

Zara Pritchard is a has-been. Once an Olympic darling, she’s been reduced to skating in a dinosaur costume and giving lessons at the local mall…which is why she’s excited when she’s offered a chance to sub on a TV show, Ice Dancing with the Stars. If she wins the show, this could be the break she needs.

There’s just one problem – her partner.

Ty Randall is a MMA bad boy looking to fix his image problem. Sure, he’s got the nickname of ‘Ty the MMA Biter’. Sure, he might have bit a guy’s nose off in the cage. But putting him on a reality TV show? A skating reality TV show? He’s not interested. He’ll do the minimum to fix his image and call it a day.

But when wash-out meets flame-out, sparks fly and tempers flare. And Ty and Zara start to realize that maybe this partnership might be just as steamy off the ice as on it…

-Synopsis from Goodreads

Ice Games written by Jessica Clare/Jill Myles is the 3rd book in the Game’s series. Check it out Goodreads!

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This is a brand new book with brand new characters not seen in the previous two books. So even though that’s the case, I still highly and I do mean HIGHLY recommend reading those two first. #1 Wicked Games and #2 Playing Games. I’m going to be 100% honest, I am going to be reviewing ever single book in this series, and because I haven’t said it enough before I LOVE THIS SERIES. This is my second time reading it, and only a year after I read it the first time. I just seriously love this series that much. Definitely in my top 5 favorite books of all time.

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Zara Pritchard is casted for the second second of Ice Dancing With the Stars thanks to a previous ice skater getting knocked up and unable to compete. Zara is desperately trying to quit her day job of tutoring 4 year olds how to ice skate. Other than hopefully winning the prize money, going on this show will hopefully also help her Olympian reputation from 10 years ago. She was basically guaranteed a medal at the Olympics, yet she fell during her routine and left the ice. Flipping everyone off along the way.

Her partner? Ty Randall. AKA Ty the MMA Biter. He may or may no have taken a bite out of another fighters nose during a fight… and by may I definitely mean yes. He for sure did that. No one wants to go into a match with him anymore, so his PR team is hoping that going on Ice Dancing With the Stars will help him get back into the game.

Zara and Ty don’t work well together at first. I mean who would honestly think they would have? Nothing seemed to be going right. They had a horrible choreographer and shitter costumes. Plus how the hell are they supposed to win this damn show when Ty didn’t even want to practice and all he wanted to do was drink. Except when an accident happens that leads Ty to have to change his mind before the situation makes his fighting rep worse, they actually start to practice and get to know each other. Except that leads feelings between the two of them. They’re supposed to just have chemistry on the ice, but it’s leading off the ice as well.

So when the game becomes more real then they thought and the performances are getting hard and harder to do with judges not liking them as much, they can’t stick to what their supposed to do anymore with feelings on the line and words not really said.

I loved this book. It was nice to have new characters and a different type of game. It was great seeing a mean looking MMA fighter have a heart and actually care about people and be gentle. Because really in my eyes fighters just have big hearts and bad reps. Just like Pitbulls. Don’t ever talk bad about Pits around me. My doggy is my fur child with four legs instead of two, he can barely hurt a fly – even though he does try- and the only attacking he does to my young nephews (who are 3 years apart) is attach them with kisses and they love it. Anyways off subject. Ty is looked at like a Pitbull when really he is not. Zara was looked at to be a brat and not doing things unless she gets her way. She is strict with everything she does, leading her not much room for fun outside of the rink and working. So it was nice to see someone be so gentle and understanding while Zara was become more wild and free and open with life and not focusing on the “bad juju” she always talks about.

Check out my review on Goodreads. Or take a look at my longer review below with all the spoilers 🙂

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Zara Pritchard was a pro ice skater at one point. Things change though, so now here she is sitting next to a bunch of ice skaters that are business dressed, while she is in yoga pants and a hoodie. She’s been teaching 4-6 year olds how to ice skate at the local mall, so getting this call was overly exciting and exactly what she needed. Thank goodness the previous cast member for the show became pregnant and was no longer able to compete. Zara was an Olympian, up until she fell on the ice and just walked off. As much as she wants to put that behind her, a lot of people remember. Especially management, even though it was 10 years ago. No one forgets the girl that was guaranteed a medal jetting out of the arena and flipping everyone the bird when they boo’d her.

They have no idea who their celebrity partner is, and from the looks of his private fridge in their cabin, he doesn’t seem to be the serious type. It’s full of beer and frozen food, like Pizza Rolls. She instantly unplugged his fridge, after being told the producers couldn’t take it back. So it came to no surprise when the celebrities showed up, her partner was Ty Randall… MMA fighter… and also with the nickname Ty the MMA Biter. Peachy. Just peachy. Ty recently was in Vegas and bit off a piece of his opponents nose. After that, no one wanted to fight him. So no surprise that he’s here to try and change peoples minds about that specific match experience.

Ty wasn’t too happy with doing this show, and definitely wasn’t happy with his chosen partner. Definitely not after he found his fridge unplugged, and his beer warm. So he took all of Zara’s stuff out of her fridge, put it on the counter and put his stuff in.

When 6am rolled around for the 1st practice, Ty didn’t show up until after 10am. Looking hungover and very unhappy. Which didn’t help when he barely cooperated and quit an hour later. Zara needed this, yet her partner was just going to fuck this up for her. He literally gave zero fucks. Zero fox given. – Side note, I love foxes. OBSESSED. Right now I rent an apartment with my boyfriend of 5 years. When we get a house, we are for sure getting a pet fox. Already have the breeder and know the rules and correct paperwork to legally own one in Michigan – Here’s my favorite fox pun. Fur fox sake! 🙂

Zara came back from skating all day, to find Ty on the couch once again giving zero fucks. She tried to talk to him, but there was barely a budge so she went to bed. Only to be woken up with Ty in her bed… still drunk. She thought she was dreaming at first, especially when Ty started feeling her tits. Nope it was totally real life. When she tried to wake him, he just kept saying he wanted to switch rooms, he hated the windows in his from the light. She screamed in his ear to get up, and he finally woke up freaking out and accidentally headbutted her into the nose. Blood gushing out for sure. After a few minutes, the blood mostly stopped but her face was swollen and she would most definitely have two black eyes. Ty flipped his drunk switch and was pleading with Zara to not say anything. Even if it was an accident, no one would believe her after what happened with his reputation. She agreed to say it was an accident on her part, she fell on the ice ONLY and ONLY if he agrees to actually take this seriously, and not mess this up for her. He of course agreed because who would want to be accused of being a women abuser, when really it was an accident.

The camera people and Ty’s manager or whoever he is didn’t seem to believe their story at first, but Zara pushed it hard and it was all good. Except when they found out that the first weeks show was country themed. They would have to wear CHAPS! TO Boot Scootin Boogie of all songs. Even after a lot of practice, Ty was having problems with the footwork.

They went to kick off party, which Zara was not invited too. Seemed like everyone else was. Ty was sweet enough to bring Zara as his date. Ty kept on making slight hints and jokes at the way she looked, but in a good way.

When they finally got their costumes, it was bright, colorful and sequence. From the very beginning and many times since then Ty has said NO SEQUENCE, and yet that’s what they got. After some Zara was able to fix his outfit, well mostly, enough to make him go on the ice stage because before he was backing out.

The first performance, didn’t go horrible but it also didn’t go well. They were off 1 beat or two and Ty was plan nervous. Zara didn’t get to do her anti-juju stuff and Ty tried to help her make her less nervous. The 3 judges gave a 6, 6 and a 2. The 2 was from the girl that took the medal the same year that Zara left the ice in Olympics. Her nemesis, since she also took all her endorsement deals too. With just the judges scoring they were in the bottom two. The audience has a chance to vote in as well. So when the actual elimination comes the next night, they are shocked that they are not voted off, but Tatiana and Michael Michaels are. I mean Michael Michaels did fall… So the audience must like them!!!

The following weeks theme was Cinema. Originally their choreographer choose something neither of them had heard of. Also give them a boring routine and ugly costumes with SEQUENCE. Zara threw a fit. Firing the lady. Which did not go well at first, until Ty had Zara’s back. The producers might have a fit, but both Zara and Ty said the lady was not fired then they would not preform.

Zara worked fast on a new routine and theme. She had a bright idea of doing Jaws. Thinking the audience will love it. They are taking laughs at Ty being the bitter. When it was time to preform in front of the audience and judges. It went VERY well and shocked everyone. The scores they got were 8-8-4. The 4 of course from the enemy judge. When Chip the host asked what made them choose this theme, Ty said “because I like to bite” and gently nibbled on Zara’s ear. Sending heat throughout her body. The next night for the eliminations they were the 2nd team marked safe!

They went out just the two of them to celebrate. While eating sushi and drinking they told their horror stories. Zara told Ty what happened with her Olympic mishap. Then Ty told her why he really bit the guys nose. The guy was throwing bad calls, hitting him in the nuts and kidneys. Clearly things that the ref should have called, but didn’t. Ty was so blind with rage with the ref and the fighter that he had no idea he bit him until after it happened. He still feels bad about, sick to his stomach. Even paid for the plastic surgery. After the sake was in their blood stream, Ty kept on getting closer and closer to Zara. He kissed her, gently at first and then harder. When he told her he wanted to skip dinner and head straight to bed. Zara stopped him, she’s a virgin and plus this could lead to many issues between the two of them being partners on the show. She only told Ty it was because of the bad juju part, but he understood. Needed to keep a good head on their shoulders.

The next weeks theme was classical. After both confirmed they knew nothing about classical music, they both knew the wedding march. So Ty was in a suit and Zara was in a somewhat white bridal dress. Since the night they kissed, practice has turned into foreplay. Especially when adding in lifts and his hands on her thighs. They were a little shakey on the performance when it came down to the night. Getting the judges score of 7-5 and 3. The 3 of course from enemy Penelope Marks.

Unfortunately they were not safe for the eliminations and were voted out. Zara was devastated but Ty was there to hold her and comfort her as much as he could. Zara cried most of the night, and when she was all cried out she went in search for Ty. He was asleep on the couch, being near by just in case she woke up and needed him for anything. Which she did. She needed him for an itch she couldn’t scratch. Sex. Except she made the mistake of accidentally joking about being a virgin and Ty freaked out at first. It was a turn on and yet very scary for him as well. But they ended up having sex and it went really well. I’ll be honest I skipped through most of the sex scene. Not that it wasn’t good. It was, I just have read so many romance novels that I am sick of hearing his licked me, fingered me, I touched him, then he entered me. I just skim through it, read the dialog and so on.

The next morning Ty tried to cuddle but she had to pee. Ended up taking a shower and when she went back to Ty she realized that she had fallen for him. That she needed to leave before he woke up, that he was too attached to someone that plan out said he does not want any attachments. She texted one of the producers and took one last look before she entered the car to take her home.

A few days later and Ty already had a big fight scheduled for next month. The show seemed to work with his PR. Zara got a call from one of the producers asking if she could come back to do a big finale with all the other eliminated competitors. Ty said yes, because he never even left the cabin yet. Zara said no to going there, but yes to doing it. See could go there for a few weeks and see the guy she loved. She also set up stuff with her job, and they couldn’t pay her for going back to the cabin. So she said fax the routine and have Ty practice with another girl until she flys in for the finale.

Two weeks passed and Zara finally was back at the location of Ice Dancing With the Stars. Ty seemed pissed to see her, and ended up blowing up on her. Thinking that she hated him and was embarrassed about being seen with him. That he was big and scary and not worth being around her. She tried to tell him that it wasn’t that, but couldn’t actually tell him why when he kept asking why she left and didn’t come back. She wanted to say it was because she was in love with him and couldn’t face being around him without telling him, but she couldn’t. She started crying and stormed off telling him that the routine was good enough and she’ll see him for the show. She rushed off and didn’t see him until mins before the went on the ice.

Ty kept asking what was going on and told her the no bad juju handshake that he made up, was well fake. She freaked out blaming him on them losing, so he goes here is a new one then and kissed her. She kissed him back, and then Ty kept asking why she was avoiding him, why she left him in the bed the morning after and why she didn’t practice with him for 2 weeks. Seconds before they went on the ice, she told him the truth. That she had fallen in love with him, that she knows that he doesn’t feel it back and she could not bare to spend 2 weeks practicing in his arms and not fall harder and break harder.

Right before the music started. Ty told her that he changed his mind, that he missed her when she was gone. But before Zara could respond their music started for their performance. The audience laughed at first and she had no idea why, until she noticed that her lipstick was smeared all over his lips and hers was probably a mess as well. Bright red everything.

Zara’s old coach from the Olympics interrupted them. Telling Zara that the judge that the thought hated them, well really didn’t. Penelope actually sent videos of Zara’s ice skating and the choreography that she made. He was impressed. He was a production manager for a show in vegas and was in need of a new head choreographer and thinks Zara was the perfect fit. Which is perfect because Ty also lived in Vegas…

They had sex in the makeup room and told each other they loved each other. That Ty wanted to have a real relationship with her in Vegas. They went to bed together and Zara woke up to a new article from her best friend. Saying that Ty the MMA fighter was winning even though he loss because of Zara. Not once did it say Ty the MMA Bitter liker it has before. Things were looking up. Especially when Ty thought she was leaving him in bed again, and she said she is not going anymore again. Sups cute.


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