Bedroom Games by Jessica Clare (Games #4)

“Kandis Thornton isn’t afraid to lie, scheme, and sneak her way to the grand prize money on the Reality TV show, House Guests. That prize money is the only thing keeping her mother from losing her house (and thus moving in with Kandis). She needs that money, and if she has to step on a few people to do so? She’ll do it. House Guests is a show all about outplaying your house-mates, after all, and she’s not there to make friends.

But Kandis didn’t count on the fact that someone else was going to be playing just as hard as her. And she didn’t plan on teaming up with her nemesis, or scheming their way to the top. Nor did she plan on sleeping with him.

But these things just happen when you’re stuck in a ridiculous house with nothing but time on your hands and a hot guy sharing your bedroom…”

-Synopsis from Goodreads

Bedroom Games written by Jessica Clare/Jill Myles is the 4th book in the Game’s series. Check it out Goodreads!

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If you haven’t read my other reviews before, this is my 2nd time reading this series. I highly recommend reading the first book and the second in the series. Even though it’s not a must thing. Just contains spoilers if you don’t. Also if you want a back story and to read about Brodie before he was in the House Mates show and was partnered with his sister on World Race, read the second book – Playing Games.  Also spoiler alert the couple from the 2nd book Liam and Katy are also in this book and on the House Mates reality show. So check out that book or you can just read my spoiler reviews on my blog.

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Brodie Short was an asshole in my eyes. We first read about him teamed up with his sister Katy in the World Races. Yes he was up front from the beginning that all he wanted to do was win the game, and become TV famous. But along the way he hurt his sister, and the person she loved. He blackmailed her, lied to her and her teammate and also started fights. Whether he won the World Race reality show or not, he did get his TV fame he wanted. Which is how he ended up being cast for House Mates.

Kandis Thornton is a Zumba instructor with a mom that gambles away all of her paychecks. So she is about to do something she never thought she would before. Backstab, lie and flirt her way through this game. Otherwise her mother is going to have to move in with her, and the previous bills will not go away.

Kandis was hoping everything would go to plan, up until 3 celebrity players walked in from the previously aired show World Race. Liam, Katy and Brodie. So her game plan had to change, especially when she ends up teamed with Brodie the douchebag hottie.

Together they work well.. together to win Power Plays, or scheme their way out of being nominated for eliminations. So even though friends and alliances are made, enemies are too. Especially when having someone like Brodie as a teammate. Yet when working together with someone so untrustworthy, Kandis finds herself falling for his flirting and realize he is more than how he acted in World Race. Up until there is a twist that no one saw coming, and Kandis is numb to everything – the game and Brodie. They’ve come tofar, will everything they worked so hard for come between them when there’s 1 million dollars on the line. Or will the possibility of heart break or maybe even love be more than the money?

Check out my review on Goodreads. Or take a look at my longer review below with all the spoilers 🙂

Book Review (16).png

Kandis Thornton is a 23 year old Zumba instructor. She is only doing this silly show for the 1 million dollar prize to the winner. And she definitely needs the money. Her mother, has well a big gambling problem and now is late on not only 1 mortgage but also the second mortgage she took out on the house. So if Kandis doesn’t find some money fast, her mother will be living with her and also there’s going to be more late fees and most expenses. So along the way she is going to have to lie, backstab and flirt the best she can to win. Even if those type of things are nothing like her. She needs this. Her mother needs this. So lie #1, she isn’t a Zumba instructor but actually just a student. Kandis doesn’t want anyone thinking she is too active and fit, at least just yet.

After being dressed the way the show wanted she tripped into the house at first entrance. Stupid heels. Thanks to her “new friend” he saved her from falling on her ass. They couldn’t talk much because the producers were telling them what to do, but she was very thankful. 9 out of the 12 seats were filled, and after a little introduction from the house mother Becky, they were told there would be many twists in this season. So in walks Liam, Katy and Brodie from the last season of World Races, all with envelopes in their hands.

This years House Mates is different than any years before. Seems like the show is in a slump, making this year in North Carolina instead of L.A. Also the house guests have to stay in a in the most haunted plantation in America. So the first Power Play challenge begins. The Power Play challenges gives the winner the power of the house. Where they get to decide who will be put in the final two to be voted off. They also get the best room in the house. As the losers have to sleep in the hanging room in the attic, where at least 3 people have hung themselves and died.

The first Power Play was to use a hula hoop and spray blood into a fake vampires mouth to fill up a bag. With Kandis being a Zumba instructor she had no problem twirling around the hoop and getting blood into the “vampires mouth”. Deciding to not be first and put a target on her back, she let Liam win. This season was partners. So surprise surprise he picked Katy. The rest of the players had at random to choose for their team mates. Guys picked a lock, girls picked a key. Of course Kandis’s key fit cocky Brodie’s lock..

Kandis meets another player while waiting for the showers. Lenore is a psychic. She reads Kandis’s palms and says she athletic and loves to dance. That she also will find the love of her life in this house. Kandis of course laughs it off and tells Jendan the guy that helped her when she tripped into the house, that she is incorrect. That she is a student, Lenore thinks otherwise. Jendan is a stuntman, and he also needs the money from this show, so they form a quick alliance. She really wishes they could of been partners.

They all got to know each other a little bit more and stayed up till one in the morning doing so. When it was time for her and Brodie to go to bed, she went to the linen closet to get blankets and pillows, since for the first week the two of them have to sleep on couches. While doing so, she thought she saw a shadow of a person cross the hallway. She played it off, as being tired. Kandis laid down on the couch, when Brodie jumped over to her and laid next to her. Wanting to talk strategy he says. He already made an alliance with almost all of the girls there. This time he wants to play with his mind, and not his dick like he did with Tesla his previous teammate in World Race. This should be an interesting game with having Brodie as a partner.

It was day three, and I was back in the confessional. I rubbed my eyes, thinking. “Well, my partner’s determined to score with everything female, he’s made deals with half the house, Mickey keeps trying to give me massages I don’t want, and I’m pretty sure the living room is haunted. Other than that, just great.” – Kandis

Talk of the first elimination was already at full swing. Brodie told Kandis that Liam and Katy are going to play as if this is World Race’s whoever is in last gets voted into the 2 to be eliminated by the rest of the house. If Brodie and Kandis get last place, then they will vote in Marla, which also brings in her partner Jendan. Brodie tells her not to tell anyone, but as soon as Brodie leaves to take a cold shower – after having her in his lap and tickling her to sidetrack Marla from noticing them talking strategic – Kandis runs off to Jendan to warn him.

The reward challenge was horror movie trivia. Thankfully they did not come in last and either did Jendan. But when Jendan and Marla celebrated a little too much for winning just a ghost hunters kit, Brodie knew that Kandis told them. When he confronted her about it somewhat in front of people, she put her hand on his chest to make it look like they were having a private moment. Which lead him to pull her by her waist closer and then kiss her softy. Making her realize that if he wanted to play games, she’ll play games.

Kandis borrowed the tape recorder from Jendan and hid it by the smoking section, so she can get some scoops. Her and Brodie listened to it, and found out that they were on the chopping block next after Liam and Katy are voted off. They had to win some votes over and some alliances. Meaning Brodie is going to have to flirt with the women, while she has to let creepy Mickey do his massage stuff on her.

Lenore and Mickey are voted into the eliminations for being last. As Lenore went home with almost all the votes. Right after was the next Power Play challenge. They teams were buried alive in coffins. Katy instantly started freaking out, and Brodie tried helping her calm down. By the time she realized that is was just a chocolate coffin and the “dirt” was just cookie crumbles they were in 2nd place. Then rushed off into the house for a house twist. They must vote off someone tonight. Brodie and Kandis went into the private booth, and decided to not put a trigger on their back and vote for Liam and Katy, since everyone else would be too. Which was the smart decision since they went home that night. 9 people were left and before Katy was voted off she told Kandis to not trust her brother, Brodie.

Kandis went to go work out and was interrupted by Mickey coming in and being a total creep. When she finally got away from him, she ran into Brodie who then noticed Mickey had a boner. Kandis ran off to the showers, because it’s the only place that she could really be alone without cameras and people. A few minutes later, Brodie comes into the same shower stall and becomes naked. He doesn’t look at her body once, just her face. He just wants to make sure she is okay, that Mickey didn’t do anything to hurt her or make her scared. He said he would make sure he backed off, then left.

Elimination came, and Mickey was voted in. Since he was alone with no partner he was officially off the House Mates. When Kandis looked over at Brodie, it looked like he already knew and had no surprise this would be the outcome. The next challenge was a gross eating challenge and they didn’t win. Came second to last, but Brodie seemed to be optimistic about it. That even though the cook Jayme won, Brodie was sure she was on their side.. or at least his side. Kandis seemed to be kind of jealous, but tried to play it off that she wasn’t. Definitely when he start flirting with her, she denied it until he turned off the lights and they went to bed in the creepy hanging attic.

Kandis found out that she was on the chopping block that week for elimination. So it was time to scheme and find a way out of that. She purposely lost the reward challenge so she could not get drunk and listen to the things that the drunk winners said. Which also made her jealous watching Brodie flirt with another house guest. When she saw the change to talk to Casper, she took it. With pretending to not know she was in question, she played dumb with him. Getting him to agree to a secret final 4 alliance. With sending Marla home this week, and Jendan next. Of course she was planning on changing that all along.

Later that night when everyone was tanked from drinking, Brodie came into bed with Kandis. Flirting, telling her that he doesn’t want any of the other girls. Just her. That he is playing a game, but he thinks that they should play together differently. Kandis did all she could to not give in, she actually wanted him kind of. When he told her that no one would know because everyone was asleep, she ran off to get her tape recorder for her devious plan. The next morning she pulled Marla, Jendan and Brodie aside to let them listen to the recording of her and Casper talking. She now had the 4 of them together and Jendan and Marla are going to talk to Jayme and Fido and try to get Casper out.

Everything worked out, and Casper went home. He was definitely very pissed and didn’t even want to talk to anyone in the house. #BlindSide

The next Power Play was individuals, except this time for the rest of the game. Meaning Kandis and Brodie were no longer partners. So even though she cheered she was kind of sad about it as well. The challenges would go until there was only one person left, the winner. First challenge was to drink a milkshake of many things in under 5 minutes. The list went on and on, so I will only name some. Shrimp, lard, snails, eggs, milk and chicken skin. Brodie, Kandis and Sunnie were the only ones to drink it all before the 5 mins. The next challenge was a “make over”. Kandis knew she had to win, because Sunnie was gunning for her. So she cut her hair into a mohawk, with shaved sides. She hated to do it, but this was for her mom after all and 1 million dollars. When she came out of the booth, Brodie also had a mohawk, but Sunnie didn’t even do the challenge. Kandis wanted to cry, but Brodie was there to cheer her up kind of.

Brodie won the final challenge, after Kandis didn’t want to run naked around the house. Giving Brodie the Power Room and privacy from others. After everyone left after seeing his room, Kandis stayed behind still upset about her hair. When Brodie asked about it, he told her that she was still beautiful. The sexiest girl he’s seen in the house, and maybe outside of it too. He asked if he could kiss her, and she said it would probably be a bad idea. Yet 10 mins later she was regretting it, and then rubbing her tits on his back. After he turned around – and him putting her hand on his erection, she told him she wanted to kiss him. They started making out and gave each other orgasms by hand. Which in my eyes was very tame for Brodie Short.

The next night they waited until 2am, where the producers told Brodie that they shut the cameras off. They did oral and basically said this was just a thing for here, nothing serious.

The next reward challenge, would be the last. Which was weird since there was still 7 people left. The winner would get $25,000. Kandis kept fighting hard and saying she really needed this money. Remember her mother was gambling away her money and now not paying her mortgages and bills. So even tho it was a game of finding a specific ball in the blood pool, and Jendan saw it. He went the other way, letting her win. Brodie noticed Jendan let her win, and he left there challenge area before everyone else did. When he talked to Kandis about it, he acted jealous and was upset that maybe she was sleeping with Jendan or close to it. She finally told someone about her mom, telling Brodie everything. Brodie admitted that he needed the money as well, that he waited tables outside of these challenges.

As days went on Fido was sent home, then Sunnie. When there was just 5 left – Brodie, Kandis, Jendan, Marla and Jayme and Marla won the Power Play she voted in Jayme and Kandis. Kandis knew this was happening, they talked to her about, but that still didn’t make her any less scared. She had to put her full trust in those four, and thankfully it worked. Jayme went home. Leaving the final four as they planned. Kandis ended up winning the Power Play for that week, giving her the final three spot no matter what.

Kandis was ecstatic about winning the Power Play, that she was ready to have sex. She couldn’t wait until 2am, so they rushed off to the bathrooms were they couldn’t film and had sex there. Brodie was being super sweet and telling her that she was his woman. The rest of the week went well to her. They cuddled on the couch a little, since it was just the 4 of them left.

Jendan and Marla packed there bags, since they both figured they would be up for nomination. Of course Brodie and Kandis are loud when having sex, so Marla and Jendan can hear them. Jendan asked Kandis if she still planned on having them be final two. She told him of course, but then questioned it, especially with everything that’s been going on with her and Brodie.

Marla went home, causing a huge fight between Kandis and Brodie. Brodie had no idea she had a final two deal with Jendan. He feels hurt and upset that she is going to have to lie to someone, and he feels like that’s going to be him. That he will be the one to have to go home. Brodie still feels like Kandis is kissing and or sleeping with Jendan. She told him over and over that she wasn’t. That she only wanted him in and out of this house. They went off to the bathroom where he told her he has fallen hard for her. They had sex, and during his orgasm he screamed that he loved her. She said nothing in return, even though she knew she loved him back, she wasn’t sure if he meant it or if it was a slip. This game was playing hard on her and his head right now. Was he just saying that to make one big epic game move?

The last challenge was to stand in a barrel with bugs. Kandis told the producers in her first interview at the house that she hated bugs. Her biggest fear. She couldn’t do it. So when Brodie said to trust him on this, that he will win this for her. She did. He won. Jendan accidentally fell asleep and freaked out when one went into his ear.

When it came time to eliminations, Kandis was calm and cool about everything. She trusted Brodie and she knew he had her back. Jendan knew it as well. So when Brodie looked dead into Kandis’s eyes and said..

“Kandis,” he said. “Beautiful, gorgeous, smart, funny, Kandis.”

In slow motion, I watched his shoulders raise in a regretful sigh, his face sorrowful.

“I’m sorry, but I’m voting you out.”

Kandis was is shock, she trusted him. She loved him for Christ sake. As Kandis stood up numb for it all, she looked over at Jendan as he whispered “What the hell” with shock on his face. He was not apart of this plan, he also had no idea. Hell Kandis didn’t even pack her stuff up, she was sure he was going to keep her for the final two.

When Kandis did the exit interview and was driven to the hotel, it was all a blur. So when she saw the other 4 people that were voted off to be the jury, they were in such shock. They assumed that Jendan won the Power Plau, but really it was Brodie that voted her off.

The final votes were made live in front of an audience. Brodie made his final speech telling the other 4 in the jury that he was glad they were friends in the house and hope to be friends outside of it. Then he told Kandis sorry, and to trust him. All while not being able to actually see her. The final votes were read.

Fido and Marla voted Jendan. Jayme and Sunnie voted Brodie. So that just left Kandis’s vote for the winner… and she voted Brodie. Even tho he backstabbed her. So when he went out of the house and was able to hug and see a bunch of people. He ignored Kandis and went to do his interviews, even when asked if he wanted to see anyone else before. Kandis put all her trust in him…. and he played her hardcore.

She called her mom, and her mom said she was done gambling after seeing her cry about it on TV. So hopefully that actually happens. Kandis goes to bed and is woken up by Brodie at almost 4am. He comes in and instantly starts kissing her, which upsets her.

Brodie told Kandis to actually think. If it was her and Jendan in the final two. She would get one vote only – his. If he took her with her, she would get one vote only – Jendan’s. Leaving the jury to talk shit to Kandis on live TV. He did it to protect her. So they could both win. Except the rules in the show contract is that you can’t give any of your money to someone else on the show..

Unless they’re married. Kandis was shocked beyond belief when Brodie got down on one knee with a ring in hand. Telling her he wanted to do this before today, but thought it would be better not on TV, so she knew it was real. That he loved her, wanted to be with her outside of the show. She said yes, that she mostly forgave him.

Guess they might be in another series for Endurance Island. Producers told Brodie that they want him for a couple challenge. So hopefully we see more of them in other books (which I already know if they do or do not since I’ve already read this series :P)

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