Top 11 favorite Authors and top favorite books!

It’s crazy to think that just 3 years ago I hated reading. Refused to pick up a book, and when I did in school it took me forever to read it. Even when I did read books I would either read super slow, not retain anything or skim through it to write my paper. I am so thankful that my friend recommend I pick up a book and actually start reading again. Thanks Hunger Games for opening my eyes to reading outside of school. Basically I am pretty sure the reason I hated reading altogether was because of the type of books I was forced to read or tried. I love romance. I may skim through most sex scenes now, but I do love the moment the couple realizes what they had was right in front of them.

I’m picky. I have read a lot of shitty books, and a lot of phenomenal books. I have authors that I have read just about everything they have published. Even the hidden treasures or books taken off the shelves or online to purchase. Which leads me to my favorite authors! Which I tried to rank in a specific order, and it was really hard. So these are the top 11 favorite authors, in no special order!

  1. Louise Bay.. This is one of those authors that I have legitly read EVERYTHING that she has written so far and I bug my friends to read her books. There are a couple series that intertwine so here’s some help. Faithful > Hopeful > The Empire State Trilogy > Parisian Nights (Previously called the Lightening series) > Promised Nights (Previously called the Calling Me series) > Indigo Nights (Which is the last book in the Night’s series). She has 3 other awesome books as well that are standalones and one just was released this month!
  2. Jana Aston.. Is a newer author and is one I hope no one bypasses. She only has one series right now the Wrong series, but I loved every single book and impatiently wait for her to publish something new. She released her last book in the wrong series in November 2016.
  3. Linda Kage.. I may not have read everything that Linda has wrote, but I have definitely made sure that all my friends that read, have read the Forbidden Men series. There are 9 books out right now, and I have trouble picking one that I love more than the other. Although I will admit that if I absolutely had to choose because there was a gun to my head it would be A Perfect Ten (book #5). I also recommend checking out the Granton University series as well.
  4. Denise Grover Swank..  Please check out The Wedding Pact series, The Off Subject Series and also her newest series Bachelor Brotherhood. The wedding pact series is in my top 5 favorite books. I have read every romance novel that she has written. I even tried reading the Rose Gardner Mystery Series, which usually I stay away from but since I loved her other books, I just had to try. I got through 6 books out of I believe 15 (some are short) and as much as I loved them, it was not as much romance as I would like. Plus SPOILERS, there ends up being a love triangle, and I am not a fan of those type of books.
  5. Whitney G (sometimes known as Whitney Gracia Williams).. This is another author that I have read everything that she has written, even stuff that was removed from publishers. I would start with Reasonable Doubt series and then hit up Sincerely, Carter and 1.5 that goes along with it. She had a year where something major went on and had to stop writing. THANKFULLY she is back and her newsletter promises the year of 2017 with many releases. I may of got more excited than I should have when I checked my email and saw that.
  6. Kristen Proby.. Not one book has come out by her that I have not read and not put in my top favorite books list. I started reading the With Me series, that one of my friends actually recommend to me. Which is weird, because normally I am recommending books to her. This is another one of those series that does have quite a few books, but I have trouble picking my favorite. Following the With Me series is Boudreaux series (book #5 comes out April 2017, just in time for my New Orleans trip in May – as these books are based in NOLA) her newest series is Fusion with the 3rd book coming out March 2017. An older series but still an amazing one is Love Under the Big Sky. 
  7. Jennifer Probst.. This series is the first series that I have read where some of the books have a fake relationship in them, and my love blossomed for those type of categories. For all 4 books in the Marriage to a Billionaire series, I can remember exactly where I was when I read them. Which if you ask my friends is hard to believe, because I have sometimes such a bad memory with a book. I have to read the synopsis to remember what the book was about, and sometimes even that doesn’t help. The Searching For series goes along with the Marriage to a Billionaire series as well. This is where my love for matchmaker books became a thing. Her newest series is the Billionaire Builders series. I have only read the first one but I did enjoy it as the 2nd book came out early this year.
  8. Terri Anne Browning.. Another series I told my friends they MUST read or we will no longer be friends is The Rocker series. Which then has another series following one of the rockers kids all grown up in Lucy & Harris series. I also enjoyed Safe Haven: Reese which I had in my to-read list for about forever, and regretted not reading it sooner.
  9. Christina Lauren.. My love for office romance is all thanks to these books. Also wicked accents are nice as well. The Beautiful Bastard series! Also take a look at Wild Seasons series. Although those series are said to be done, Christina Lauren (which is actually a pen name for two best friends writing together) have announced a new series coming out in June 2017 called Dating you/Hating you. You best bet, I am beyond excited for that.
  10. Abbi Glines.. Another author my best friend recommended to me, which then lead to us telling all our friends. Start off with the Sea Breeze Series then the Rosemary Beach series. Once you’re done with that check out her newest book that came out Feb 2017 that is a crossover between those two series called Like a Memory (Which I just reviewed, check it out here). For more young adult types The Field Party series and Once She Dreamed series. Abbi Glines also wrote under the pen name Effy Vaughn and wrote two books in the Boys South of Maxon Dixon series.
  11. Lauren Blakely.. I’ll be honest, I have not read everything by her and if I had to put in specific order my top 11 authors, Lauren Blakely would be #11. But HEY that’s not a bad thing. I have read over 500 books with over 350 authors if not more. So being in my top 11 does not mean she is anything less than amazing. There are just so many books out there I have not had the chance to read more of her books/series. These are all standalones, but honestly you need to read them in a specific order. Not a single one has let me down, and there are more books to come in this not linked together series. Read them in this order Big Rock > Mister O > Well Hung > Full Package > The Sexy One > The Only One > The Hot One   > Joy Stick  > The Knocked Up Plan – previously titled The Wild One (Out June 23rd, 2017) > Stud Finder (Out Sept 2017) > Happy Trail (Out Nov 2017). While you’re waiting for the rest of the books to be released check out the book Out of Bounds!

Now that we got the Authors out of the way, lets go to my top favorite books/series of all time (so far) Most I have already mentioned up above in my top 11 favorite authors. So the list down here will be shorter. To see the Goodreads list of my top 25 (or so) favorite books, click here!

  • The Intern series by Brooke Cumberland. Steamy office romance and a little bit of mystery as the lead female Cecilia tries to figure out a secret about her dad while interning at just the place she can find those answers.
  • Beautifully Broken series by Courtney Cole. There’s 5 books that were published between 2013 and 2014. Then 2 years and 4 months later the 6th book came out! Now I have not read it yet, so please let me know how it is. But I do love this series. There’s more heartache and struggles than most of the other books I have read.
  • Games series by Jessica Clare. It’s a mix between Survivor, Big Brother, Rat Race and Real World. If you have never heard of any of those shows, well look them up! It’s a mix between living on an island or running around doing challenges for money. I was surprised to love this series as much as I did. After the first book I was hooked and wanting more. Beyond belief sad when it was over. I have even tried reading books that are like this series, and have yet to find one that is as good as any of these 8 books! Check out my review on the first book Wicked Games! 
  • Screwed Series by Kendall Ryan. Cocky rich guys, and average women. They seem to even each other out in some way. A good mix of great laughs, hotter romance and cute plots. While you’re at it check out the Imperfect Love series, The Fix Up, and the newest series by Kendall Ryan the Roommates series (Check out my review on the first book here)
  • The Rules series by Monica Murphy. College kids, trying to party and have fun and not fall in love. Because who would want to fall in love in college anyways? I just posted the latest books review yesterday! Check the review out here.
  • Billionaire Bachelors Club also by Monica Murphy. There’s a mix of office romance, wine, bakeries and forbidden love due to family rivalry. Most of these books are not very long also, but tie together nicely.
  • Danvers series by Sydney Landon. Basically all these people work together or the one of the main characters works at the Danver’s company or a sister company like it. You get to see how everyone grows in the books as they go on, because everyone basically know’s everyone or is related. It’s great.
  • Off Campus Series by Elle Kennedy. College boys, playing hockey? YUM and YUM. I love hockey, I love reading books about hockey players. So this series was a winner.
  • The Allure series by R.S Grey. Office romance and great laughs. I love the mixture. The two books are about two best friends and I loved both of their stories.
  • Stirred up by S.E Hall is technically 2 books but can be purchased as one. I wish I could express the ending because my friends and I did not see that coming. It’s basically about a chick who is falling for her brothers best friend without realizing it, but also along the way is falling for her doctor. It’s not as weird as you think.
  • Cocktail series by Alice Clayton. Each book is different and each plot changes. I read this about 2 years ago and still find myself recommending it to people.
  • Whitman University series by Lyla Payne. What can I say I love books about college stories. Usually because the men are players and the girls learn how to grow up along with the guys. Most guys don’t want a relationship but when they meet the certain girl it’s love. Yet they don’t realize that until the very end after fighting tooth and nail about not wanting a relationship or something serious.
  • Stage Dive series by Kylie Scott. Okay I love bad boys. I also love guys in bands. You know the ones that think they can get any girl from any state but then they find a girl they can’t help but sleep with more than once, which usually is not their style. Also check out her new series Dive Bar (Check out my review on the 2nd book in that series Twist – here)

Let me know if any of these recommendations helped and if you enjoyed them as much as I did.

Or what are your favorite books/authors? Leave me a comment and let me know!



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