Safe bet by Monica Murphy (The Rules series #4)

“Sydney Walker’s new job is perfect. As the live-in nanny to the most famous quarterback in the NFL and his beautiful wife, she couldn’t have it any better. Their kids are adorable. Her bosses are more than generous. Plus, there are hot football players at the house all the time. Life can’t get much better than this.

Until her life turns into an absolute nightmare. The media is abuzz with rumors that she and her boss Drew Callahan are having a torrid affair. Everyone knows the truth—except the public. So Drew’s wife Fable comes up with the perfect idea.

She creates a fake relationship between Sydney and one of the rookie players on Drew’s team. Wade Knox is forever indebted to Drew and Fable and readily agrees to the set up. Pretending to be in a romantic relationship with the hot nanny for a week—how hard can it be?

Crazy how it only takes one week for two people to fall head over heels in love…”

-Synopsis from Goodreads


Safe bet written by Monica Murphy is book #4 in The Rules Series. Add it on Goodreads!

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The 4th book in The Rules series also has characters from Monica Murphy’s One Week Girlfriend Series or sometimes known as the Drew + Fable Series. Now I have not read this series, not that I don’t want too. I just am not a huge fan of books that have more than one book with the same couple. Yeah I could skip the books and go to the next couple, but if you ask my friends I REFUSE to read books out of order. I hate spoilers unless I want to google them myself lol.

Sydney comes from a rich family. Like really rich family. Unfortunately she has taken that for granted and lied to her parents about going to college. Which is why she is standing in front of Fable Callahan. Wife of Pro NFL playing, Superbowl winning Drew Callahan. She needs a job and the live-in nanny position gives her a place to stay as well, since her parents kicker her out and cut her off the money and credit cards. Thanks to her brother finding out about this, she officially got the job. Wade Knox has wanted to play in the NFL since he was 7 years old. He finally was drafter for San Francisco 49ers. Which just so happens to be the same team as Drew plays on. Wade has known Fable since he was young. He is best friends with Owen, who is Fable’s sister. So when articles break out that Drew and the new nanny are having an affair, Drew and Fable instantly turn to Wade to help them out. Sydney and Wade agree, not easily at first, to be fake boyfriend and girlfriend for one week to hopefully stop the tabloids spreading false rumors about Drew and Sydney being together. Wade and Sydney are hesitant at first because they both feel the spark and attraction between them. Which only gets worse as they start to get to know each other and the line between faking and real spread real thin and become a blur. Even though they both don’t believe in love and relationships, things start heating up more than just in front of paparazzi.

The ending was great, but I was left wanting more. Not that it ended as a cliffhanger, but just I wish there were more chapters or an epilogue to continue the wonderful story between Wade and Sydney. I have read a lot of Monica Murphy’s books, but not the One Week Girlfriend series. And this book definitely made me regret that. I am looking forward to getting to read how Drew and Fable became a couple, and also her brother and Wade’s best friend Owen and his girl Chelsea. I would highly recommend this book to my friends and actually most of my friends have read some of the books in this series!

Check out my review on Goodreads or check out my longer review and summary below!

Book Review (8).png
Long review with all the spoilers so SPOILER ALERT!

Sydney Walker has had some shitty luck lately. Well mostly it’s her fault. She told her parents she was going to college, but really she wasn’t. She was enjoying swiping her dad’s credit card going out to eat, spas, shopping etc. Then her dad found out and she was cut off and kicked out. So that’s how she ends up sitting in the office with Fable. Her husband is pro NFL and they have 2 kids together and she kind of needs a nanny. Even though she has no idea how to really deal with kids, she needs the live-in position and the money. So when Fable says that it isn’t really a nanny as much as it is a person to help Fable organize her life, Sydney is all for it. Especially when she was offered the position.

Wade know is a rookie, scared he isn’t going to get drafted. He is best friends with Fable’s brother Owen, which makes him friends with Fable and her NFL pro Drew Callahan. He’s nervous he won’t get drafted, like real nervous. Then he was drafted as a second string wide receiver, who may be riding the bench but at least she was on the same team as Drew. The San Francisco 49ers! Their friend, Owen is playing for Denver.

After a few weeks, Sydney is doing great with the kids and has been a wonderful help to Fable. Definitely an exhausting job though. Fable catches Sydney checking out Wade often, and wants to play matchmaker so the 4 of them and the 2 kids head off to dinner together. After eating Fable starts to feel sick, and faints in Wade’s arms by the bathroom. Sydney finds them and rushes off to tell her husband Drew. After a few minutes she is awake and they want to rush her to the hospital. Sydney and Drew run and grab the car with the kids, but are interrupted by paparazzi. Asking questions like “Is this your nanny?” “Are you and Fable getting a divorce?” “Is this your new girlfriend?” Sydney freaks out, only being 19 and also never in the spotlight before. She trips trying to get into the car or walking around it, causing Drew to grab her a few times before she falls. Of course the paparazzi catch this, and him holding her hand earlier when he was trying to rush her to the car. Not once was Fable around because they were trying to drive around to the back entrance to get her to the hospital without anyone seeing them and having Fables medical issues in the news.

With Drew and Fable at the hospital, Wade helps Sydney with Autumn’s bath time. Sparks are flying between them and they’re both trying to ignore it.

The next morning, Fable tells Sydney her blood pressure was low and she is just not eating enough. That’s all. But Sydney and Drew were photographed with a headline saying Drew was caught with the naught nanny. Fable knows this is not true and trusts her and her husband.

After a week the tabloid still has not gone away, hell it’s become worse. The image and taglines just like it have be placed on almost every magazine known for celebrity gossip. Drew and Fable come up with an idea to get this off the shelf. Fable is pregnant again with her 3rd child. With her last pregnancy with Jacob it was hard on her – Which I am sure they explain in the One week girlfriend series. She is afraid that she will end up in the hospital or bed rest really early if she does not take it easy. So to keep things less stressful and keep Drew and Sydney’s “affair” off the trending celebrity topic they come up with an idea. For Sydney to be Wade’s pretend girlfriend.

It takes some convincing and a little bit of time before they both agree. They take a week to get to know each other more before they have their big reveal to the public. Sydney is still skeptical about it. Wade seems like a great guy, but she barely knows him and yeah hes attractive but she doesn’t want a relationship, even if it is a fake one.

They head off to dinner and learn more about each other. Like they both don’t believe in love and marriage – I bet that’s going to change soon enough. When they are leaving paparazzi are everywhere… which is good. They hold hands and when Wade helps her into the car he tells them he’s her boyfriend. Even though he is apart of the 49ers people still don’t really know who he is. It’s still preseason and he might be kicked off if everything doesn’t go well in tomorrow’s game. Once Wade comes into the car, he tells Sydney to come closer and he kissers her. He makes himself stop, because he desperately wants to continue. Then tells her it was all a show for the paps.

Sydney barely slept. All she could think about is that kiss. He told her it was just for show. But she had to hide her emotions to him last night of how much she really liked it. Today she would be watching him play football and have to pretend to be cheering her boyfriend on. She was actually kind of excited. Wade knocks on her door saying that they probably should practice, make this thing bigger because TMZ is already eating up what happened last night. Sydney makes a move without even thinking about it too much. Next thing you know they’re heavily making out, she’s on his lap grinding on his erection. Then Fable catches them in the act and ruins the moment.

Later at the game, she plays the perfect girlfriend. Cheering him on and going onto the field after the game for a little make out session. After he leaves to go and shower/change, a man comes up to Sydney. He tells her he knows that they’re not really together. That they are faking it. Sydney doesn’t tell Wade this until dinner, where he becomes upset. He just found out that the 49ers are going to keep him. He was beyond excited, but realized that maybe whats going on between them really is just a hoax. He’s trying to keep his feelings to himself. But when she tells him that her family is millions of dollars rich and that they kicked her out because she lied about college. He can’t help but be thankfully that she was, because if that never happened he never would have met her. But he won’t be telling her that.

On the drive home from dinner, Wade has this weird feeling of not wanting to be alone that night, so he asks Sydney to stay the night at his place. Not that he expects anything, but that’s what ends up happening. They try not too at first. Netflix definitely turned into Netflix and chill. When they were naked and condom ready Wade asked her is she was 100% sure. Because after this things can’t go back. Their fake relationship won’t be fake and he doesn’t want her to find this as a mistake. She tells him to continue where when they finally start having sex they both declare that she is his. The rest of the night and following morning was spent kissing and fucking many many times.

When it’s finally time to take Sydney back to Drew and Fable’s, he is surprised to find his best friend and Fable’s brother Owen and his girl Chelsea there. Owen and Wade talk about Sydney and how he thinks she’s good for him. That having a relationship might not be as horrible as he thinks. Which Wade starts to realize later that night when they all go out to dinner and especially when he crawls into bed with Sydney later that night.

In the morning they are awoken by his mom calling after being in an accident and breaking her hip. He has to rush home – a 4 plus hour drive. He doesn’t want to leave Sydney, definitely with everything being so new. They have the talk about them both not wanting this to be a fake thing, at least right now. That when he gets back whether that’s tomorrow or a week that they will still be good, still them. Even though this fake relationship was only supposed to be a week. When he comes back it was supposed to be over. They both don’t want it too. Which is what gets Wade more relaxed during the stressful drive and seeing his hurt mother.

When he gets there he finds out his mother has been dating a man for 2 years, and he just proposed a few weeks back. She kept the secret from him because she’s been the women that has never really dated before, after having such troubles with men. Especially Wade’s father. Wade has always been the no love, no relationship type because that’s the way he was brought out. HE doesn’t tell hims mom that Sydney was a fake relationship because he’s beginning to realize she is more than that. Even talks about maybe bringing her home to his home town to meet his mother and her fiance.

Sydney goes to bed early that day, she is really missing Wade. Just as she is about to go upstairs in walks Wade. And she instantly jumps at him. Fable tells Sydney that, that’s a good thing. He came right to her instead of going home first. Which is what it is. They talk that night and make things official.

It’s Christmas. Which I assume means its a few months later since Football normally starts in the early fall. Fable and Drew are having a party and all their friends and family are there. Including Wade’s and even Sydney’s. Sydney has been slowing talking to her parents again and everything seems to be going perfect. Even more so when Wade tell’s Sydney that he has fallen in love with her, and she of course tells him the same.

Then that’s it. The end. Well kinda, it goes into Drew and Fable talking in bed Christmas Eve night and she tells him they’re having a girl and he wants 3 more kids. I was actually really surprised that there was no epilogue or special ending. I mean I was glad we got the I love you kinda, because I have read books that don’t even do that. I was just not realizing that, that would be the end. Still such a good book and Monica Murphy did not let me down. I actually might even read the One week girlfriend series now lol.


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