Screwmates by Kayti McGee

“I knew from the first time I saw Marc Kirby that I was screwed.

Big eyes, scruffy face, brown curls – yes, yes, and yes. The man is wicked hot.

He’s also my roommate, and since I work nights and he’s at class all day – it’s like living alone at half the rent.

Then an unexpected night off turns into an unexpected morning in Marc’s bed, but it turns out we can’t even figure out the screwing.

This is not great news for Marc who’s going on a “bangcation” at the end of the summer – a whole month in France that he’s planned to spend getting busy with the women of Paris.

It’s also not great news for me for obvious reasons.

With both of us needing work on our skills, there’s only one logical solution to our predicament.

Told you I was screwed. “

-Synopsis from Goodreads


Screwmates written by Kayti McGee. Add it on Goodreads!

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This is my first time reading anything written by Kayti McGee. I found this book on the recommend list on my Amazon Kindle Unlimited. Btw I highly recommend Kindle Unlimited. Before I started reading at work on my computer, I used to read on my iPad. I love iBooks, really. But the fact that I can go from the Kindle app on my iPad, iPhone and any computer and not have to remember what page I am, well it had me sold for sure. For $9.99 a month you get access to thousands upon thousands of books. Which this book is one of them! Check out Amazon Kindle Unlimited here.  Plus your first 30-days are free! If you for some reason are not happy with it, you can cancel at anytime and not be charged after your free 30 days.

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Madison and Marc are two awkward people. Like really awkward people. I mean hell when they first meet she trips into his “monster penis” with her chin. They spend the next 10 months not really talking. Their schedules are crazy opposite. Up until her night job has some water pipe issues and she’s off work for a few nights. After some awkward situations, which may involve them both not wearing pants and drinking bourbon – which they both hate. They end up in bed with each other. Except not the way you think or at least not 100% what you may think. They realize they both have no game and are even worse at seduction. So what better way to help Madison become sexier and help Marc be prepared for his bangcation in France this summer then to try out somethings on each other. Along the way things get more awkward and the situations that happen to them are very comical. But when Madison’s friends help her come up with a comic idea, a sitcomic called Screwmates, Madison tries to draw up their awkward situations and Marcs crazy gorgeous body and even more gorgeous dick. Yet when something happens that causes question to their roommate status, you realize that maybe all along this thing between them might not be for the best, or maybe it’s even better?

I really enjoyed this book. Like more than I expected. I love and I do mean LOVE books that are a perfect mix of awkward, funny and romantic. Especially when it’s more on the awkward and funny scale.  These two are the complete opposites for each other and it meshes. Sometimes it meshes too well and causes down right hilarious scenarios that you hope never happen to you in real life. I definitely will be putting more of Kayti McGee’s books in my Goodreads want to read list!

Check out my review on Goodreads or check out my longer review and summary below!

Book Review (9)
Long review with all the spoilers so SPOILER ALERT!

I love prologues. Really, I do. Especially if it’s funny from the start. I’m already dragged in, and wanting more. This prologue did not let me down! Madison is meeting her new roommate for the first time, which happens to be her friends cousin, Marc Kirby. Except when she see’s him, she assumes her glasses must be smudged because this guy is way too hot for words. While she is cleaning them off, her friend Ava pushes her through the door, causing her to trip… right into Marc’s crotch and big dick with her chin.

Typical Ava, cracking up, surveyed the scene (both of us on the floor: him in pain, me in humiliation).

“Madison’s chin, my cousin Marc’s crotch,” she choked out between howls of laughter. “Meet your new roommate, both of you. I’ll leave you to it!” The door slammed behind her.

After that wonderful encounter, Madison runs off to find her room. By the time she comes out, he is not home and when she leaves for work he is just about to come home. It goes on like that for 10 months. Not once have they had a moment to really talk or hang out like she expected. She works nights, he is in school and goes home to visit his mother on the weekends. So in those 10 months all they saw of each other was in passing, that’s it.

So when Madison comes home early from work due to a broken pipes, it comes to a surprise when she finds Marc sitting on the couch in just his boxers. So Madison being the awkward comic nerd she is, decides to take her pants off as well, to you know make it less awkward. To make matters better – or is it worse? – they open up some bourbon and start talking about how Madison has only been with 2 guys, which surprises Marc, he thought she had orgies. He tells her that he is going to France for a month before he starts teaching this fall, he needs a bangcation. You know where you spend your month long vacation fucking every women you can. Next thing we know Madison is waking up in not her bed, but Marc’s and not a whole lot is coming back to her. Marc apologizes for last night, guess the Bourbon made him pass out during. Oops.

They both separately went to his bathroom, cleaned up and mouth washed. While in there she assumed he had a girlfriend since he had empty wine cooler bottles in his bathroom and also very girly shower scents. Marc tells her that he doesn’t, all while he’s supporting some very impressive morning wood. They awkwardly – because these two are so very awkward – talk about it, and start making out. Until Madison has a churn in her stomach from the bourbon last night and runs to the bathroom. To bad too, because that kiss was more than she ever imagined in the last 10 months.

During the rest of the weekend, Marc was at his mothers and that left Madison’s brain to wonder, especially when she waiting around for him Monday when he normally came home, but he didn’t before she went to work. Pipes were still broken, so yay 4 day weekend! A couple hours later, Marc finally came home. WITH WINE! Drink to my heart! They talk a little about Marc’s mother and brother. How his fucked up brother is still the favorite, so he helps him mom out at home and the family business, in hoping they would get closer. Which they don’t and didn’t. After a few glasses of wine, they finally started to talk about what happened the other night. Both agreed that that it was wrong, and should not happen again, but as they were saying that they were getting closer and closer. They start making out, hardcore. Madison doesn’t want it to end. Which is why when he tries taking off his boots with his pants, she isn’t looking because her lips are still attached to his, she’s trying to help and he falls. Needing 9 stitches on his forehead thanks to hitting the corner of the coffee table. These two awkward people are seriously so more awkward together, it’s great!

Madison is telling her 3 friends about what happened the night prior. Left out some details, like the first night they tried to sleep together. Then Marc happens to show up at the same coffee shop. When the girls invite him over, they ask about what happened to his forehead – even though they already know, but he doesn’t know that. His story is pretty funny, and almost close to what happened, minus the fact that they were making out and he tripped on his pants. He said her shirt, because she got some stains on it. After he left, her friends encouraged her to go for it with him. Even his cousin Ava agreed.

Another night of no work, damn those water pipes breaking causing Madison to actually see her roommate. Marc had plans, but told her he wouldn’t be gone long, so Madison got all sexed up. Or at least she thought she was getting sexed up. She writes comics, has an Etsy shop with all her t shirts and comic themed stuff.

Which side note, if you have no heard of Etsy or bought anything from there, you should change that! I usually buy all my holiday or any kind of gifts for people online and if it’s not from Amazon, its usually from Etsy. Now beware, check reviews first because it can be like craigslist or ebay and you can be scammed, but I have yet to have problems yet.

Check out Etsy here! |

Anyways so her sexy outfit is a Wonder Women boyshorts and tank top set. Marc was having troubles being completely turned on and called her outfit something a 6 year old would wear and he can’t be turned on with this. They have an argument and head ways for a little bit. Some time later they find themselves back in the kitchen for some wine. This is where they come to an agreement that they both suck at sexing someone up. They before his bangcation they will help each other out with seduction.

The next morning Madison wakes up and heads to Marc’s bed. After making him breakfast and coffee, they decide they need to get one lay out of the way before they start the A’s to seduction. Madison put the condom on him, but had some trouble since she’s never done it before. His fingers were rubbing her where she needed it, and he had the tip in just right enough for her to orgasm, but was interrupted by her friend and his cousin Ava knocking and coming into the house. Madison hurries up and runs to her room and pretends to be sleeping. When she comes out to the kitchen Marc and Ava are chatting. Marc mumbles to Madison, that he couldn’t find the condom, which Ava somewhat over hears until Madison says he was mentioning something about the cinnamon rolls she brought over. In the middle of Ava telling a story, she stops, mumbles something and then leaves real fast. Only then do they realize it was because Ava found the condom. It was on the kitchen floor after getting stuck to one of them.

The next day they head off to go lingerie shopping together. When Madison showcased what she was trying on, Marc was definitely liking it instead of her superhero underwear. Later they head to a cooking class together that is supposed to be an aphrodisiac class and wine pairings.  After some failed attempts at making somethings, their PDA was often and so was filling their wine glasses. They took an Uber home and were too drunk for Marc to realize that he was going to bed alone. No more seduction lessons tonight. Let alone sex. God such a huge case of blue balls these two are.

Finally the next night they had the sex. It was magical. It was more than Madison could ever imagine, and trust me she did for a while. Countless orgasms, and they way they just fit was eye opening. So eye opening that she realized the next morning that she had fallen in love with Marc. So she fakes a headache, and even tho he is being sweet and trying to help her, she heads to her room alone to put distance between them.

They agree that they sex was just a one time thing, no need to help each other more. It was great. But they do still need to work on their wine expertise. So they study together all day on the couch, as comfortable as can be. Then go out wine tasting, which you called it has them having sex again. This time doing things out of the Kama Sutra book. During some intense positions and him saying he loves that book, loves the way she feels, loves this position. She yells “I love you” oops for sure.

She rushes off to her room and tries to sleep but ends up making some comic strips instead. She’s been writing entries on her blog for a sitcomic called “Screwmates” where she basically has been making comics on what is going on with her and Marc. Or how she would want it to go. So when she finally gets the courage to tell Marc again what she wants and that she really does love him. He stops her and tells her he found out about the comic and is highly upset. Madison goes a little overboard in my eyes and gets a little love psycho and asks him to not go on his vacation to France. Even after he told her he was mostly going for the book he is writing about two guys in History. Yet she still wanted him to stay and not sleep with other people. Like I said she went crazy psycho in my eyes. Marc thinks so too, because he tells her he wants her to move out. He is done with this, that he is not, not going to go to France which he has been planning for years and he has people paying for it at school because of his book. Madison once again all love psycho then says he can still go, just can’t sleep with people. Which he is so pissed that he doesn’t even care about her right now. I really liked Madison this whole book. But this part, she just is too much. Which I somewhat understand. She never really loved someone before, and when you’re in love you do crazy things. I know I have with my first couple boyfriends when I was young. Said things that if I really thought about them, I know for sure I would have never said, but thats what happened I didn’t think. Same thing goes for Madison when it comes to her sitcomics and also what she wants or does not want from Marc.

The girls come over to find Madison laying in bed for days. Marc didn’t even tell her he was staying at his mom’s until he left for France. After a few drinks… okay a lot of drinks… Madison took a nap and had a dream of what to do. So she started drawing up an apology for Marc. Then she would text him and hopefully explain everything she couldn’t in words. Also her friend accepted the agent offer, Madison had over the comics. She got it a few days prior, first thought it was a scam. Then when she did realize it wasn’t it was after she told Marc she loved him during some amazing sex. She wasn’t ready then, but she was ready now.

Marc comes home and saying things Madison did not expect. At first he was swearing, he sounded pissed but then he was kissing her. Then they were having wine and kissing. Then he is basically telling her he loves her back and asking her to go to France with him, because he still wants it to be a bangcation. Just with her only. Which Madison says no… only because her comic is being published and she cashed a check where she can now purchase her own ticket to France.

Sometime later – in France. They are on a wine tour drinking some lovely wine, taking well a tour and she sees someone holding a diamond, and yep Marc purposes. It wasn’t 100% poetic, it wasn’t an amazing proposal, but for those two it was perfect. Their whole relationship was awkward and perfect for them. So she said yes, and that was it!

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