Egomaniac by Vi Keeland

“The night I met Drew Jagger, he’d just broken into my new Park Avenue office. 

I dialed 9-1-1 before proceeding to attack him with my fancy new Krav Maga skills. 
He quickly restrained me, then chuckled, finding my attempted assault amusing.   
Of course, my intruder had to be arrogant. 
Only, turned out, he wasn’t an intruder at all.   
Drew was the rightful occupant of my new office.  He’d been on vacation while his posh space was renovated. 
Which was how a scammer got away with leasing me office space that wasn’t really available for rent.   
I was swindled out of ten grand. 
The next day, after hours at the police station, Drew took pity on me and made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.  In exchange for answering his phones while his secretary was out, he’d let me stay until I found a new place. 
I probably should have acted grateful and kept my mouth shut when I overheard the advice he was spewing to his clients.  But I couldn’t help giving him a piece of my mind.  
I never expected my body to react every time we argued.  Especially when that was all we seemed to be able to do. 
The two of us were complete opposites. Drew was a bitter, angry, gorgeous-as-all-hell, destroyer of relationships.  And my job was to help people save their marriages.  
The only thing the two of us had in common was the space we were sharing.   
And an attraction that was getting harder to deny by the day. “

-Synopsis from Goodreads


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This is the third book that I have read by Vi Keeland.

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Drew Jagger is coming home on New Years Eve after spending a few weeks in Hawaii. After having horrible memories related to NYE, he just wants to check out his office and then head upstairs to his penthouse apartment. Imagine his surprise when I finds Emerie Rose in his copy room with her skirt falling off her ass. She clams that this is her office, and tries to attack him. After some arguing they find out that Emerie was scammed. Little miss Oklahoma had no idea that renting a space on Park Avenue in New York is more than $2,500 a month. So now she is out $10,000 and a place to stay for those 4 months for her profession which is Marriage Counseling. When all her office stuff is delivered to the office and Drew gets to know Emerie a little more – not by choice at first – he decides to let her stay and be his secretary until his comes back from medical leave. Along the way they become friends, and the teasing and angry fighting becomes more heated than they expected. So when Drew notices more and more that her feelings for her friend Baldwin – who she happened to move to New York for – he realizes that he might want him to be jealous of him. That or he wants Emerie for himself. When Drew’s ex wife is causing issues with him and his son Beck, Emerie is there to help and make things more enjoyable. The whole book I am pulling for Drew to get his head out of his ass, and realize that not all women are like his ex-wife, especially not his shared space tenant that won’t say no to angry sex after she gets one round at it. This book has a HEA ending and one I really enjoyed and did not see coming – in a good way!

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Just like I did with the other Vi Keeland books I have read. I hope to read another one of her books soon. I found the banter back and forth between the two great, and not too much. Drew was perfectly the egomaniac type, but not too much. He was a sweetheart inside for sure, just was afraid to show it because of his ex-wife. Their relationship although ended up perfect, was not a fairy tale and I do love a good book that almost feels like it could happen in real life to anyone. I highly recommend this book, because I already recommended it to my friends!

Check out my review on Goodreads or check out my longer review and summary below. 

Book Review (6).png

Long review with all the spoilers so SPOILER ALERT!


Drew Jagger is coming home from a 2 week trip from Hawaii, when he decides to stop at this office first before heading upstairs the same building where he lives – in the penthouse, duh. Not thinking anything of it he goes to the filing room, after seeing the light on. Surprise, surprise when he runs into Emerie. After having a big meal, Emerie unzips her skirt, not thinking she would see anyone so late at night, especially in her office. So of course we she jumps with surprise her skirt falls down. After a few minutes they find out that Emerie was scammed and thought she was getting a super nice apartment on Park Avenue in New York City for $2,500 a month. Giving the scammer $10,000 for 4 months. She’s from Oklahoma and was unaware that a place like this, and especially in New York City is way more than $2,500 a month. Drew, although pissed, can definitely tell how attractive this redhead is and decides to be nice and not press charges. Hell he’s even going to go to the police with her in the morning to help her make a report about being scammed.

The next day turns to even more hell when we find out that Emerie has an outstanding warrant for indecent exposure. She was in New York a few years back, and met a guy. They went skinny dipping in a pool and got caught. So Drew being the lawyer that he is, decides to help Emerie out and be her well lawyer. End up getting off with just a small fine. Or at least that’s what Emerie thinks. The ADA happened to be someone that Drew has slept with before. She wasn’t too happy with the fact that all he ever uses her for is sex, and never dates. So in order to get Emerie off on a small fine and no jail time, Drew had to agree to go on a date with her.

Emerie’s new office furniture and such were delivered to her office, or well Drew’s office. So Drew offers her to hang out the next day in the office, while she waits for them to pick up the stuff.

During the next day, Emerie makes her self at home and starts helping Drew out a little bit. She cleans up and answers phones for him. By the time for the delivery drive to come and pick up the furniture, Drew actually has found Emerie easy to talk to and a great help. So when he see’s how hard it is for Emerie to watch the guy take away her new beautiful desk, he does something out of character for him. He tells her that she can stay, the furniture can stay. That they can share the space until she finds an affordable place for her business or his secretary comes back from medical leave.

The next few days Emerie and Drew are getting along for the most part. The sexual tension is high and the banter back and forth with pretty funny and cute. We find out that Emerie is a marriage counselor and Drew sometimes doesn’t agree on the “advice” she is giving her clients.

We see a glimpse of Drew 8 years ago – New Years Eve. He was at college and met a girl at a party in his frat house. She was gorgeous and easy. So since he was a typical horny college boy, he did what anyone would do. Took her to his room, and had his way.

When they decide to get lunch together  they learn more about each other. Like why Emerie really moved to NYC from Oklahoma. It was for a guy. When she was in college she fell in love with a TA from one of her classes. They became fast friends, but he never showed signs of wanting her, considering he had a long term girlfriend up until a little bit ago. Also Drew “saved” Emerie’s life, after she started chocking on her food. It was basically his fault, considering he told her the way to help her sleep at night is an orgasm before bed.

Drew 7 years ago – New Years Eve. Drinking out of  a flask, having a hard time telling his best friend, his best man that he loves Alexa. That he is marrying her for the right reasons – She’s pregnant with his baby. So he stands there getting ready for his wedding, and his friends keeps offering him an out.

Drew and Emerie bicker back and forth about how they feel each person should be doing their job. So to somewhat apologize to Emerie, Drew takes her out to dinner for a big juicy burger. He ends up telling her that he was married for 5 years. It didn’t last. When Emerie gets home, Baldwin – The guy she is in love with, who also happens to be her apartment neighbor – is at her door. He gets concerned about her “relationship” with Drew since they went out to dinner. Baldwin then makes plans for the two of them to go out to dinner for her Birthday. Baldwin is currently dating someone named Rachel. Later that night, Emerie still could not sleep, so she decided to do what Drew recommended. Masturbate. She fell asleep almost instantly after.


Drew is finding himself eager to come into the office. Normally he didn’t hate it, but it wasn’t something he looked forward too. Lately since Emerie has been there, he actually does. Today she had a couple that she believes the husband is abusing the wife. It was basically confirmed when the wife came in with a black eye, and Drew had to send the husband out after he “accidentally” broke something of Emerie’s. Drew helped Emerie out, and Emerie ended up giving the wife Drew’s business card for a divorce attorney, just in case she is ready to get out. After that shitty day, they go into his office and  have a drink. Which is where Baldwin finds them. He was supposed to be going out to a broadway show with his girlfriend Rachel, but as soon as Drew recommends going out to dinner after her touch day, Baldwin jumps in and says that he is canceling plans with Rachel, and that he will be taking Emerie out.

Drew – 5 years ago – New Years Eve. The married couple was supposed to be going out to celebrate their anniversary. But their babysitter for their almost 2 year old boy Beck, cancelled last minute. Drew was actually excited to spend his first year at home for New Years, but his wife Alexa was not. She wanted to go out and party. So Drew offered to stay home and watch Beck while she went out. She didn’t end up coming home until late the next morning, and was dropped off by some man in a racing car a couple blocks down from their apartment, which Drew happened to see.

Baldwin cancels on Emerie on her birthday, because his girlfriend is pissed he canceled on him the other night. She ends up going to the office and breaking down crying. Drew has company upstairs in his penthouse apartment and when they’re about to have sex he realizes he does not have condoms and runs down to the office to get some in his desk. He is surprised to find Emerie crying and finds out its her birthday and that she was adopted. She tells him to go upstairs, so he does, but the whole time he is getting ready to have sex with this chick named Emily, he keeps calling her Emerie and picture, well Emerie. He ends up telling Emily to go home and runs downstairs again to take Emerie out for her birthday. They go to one of his favorite bars, where he only goes with his best friend, Roman. They play pool and while he is off getting her drinks a guy comes up to talk to Emerie, and he starts feeling jealous. When they head home, Drew notices Baldwin standing outside his door, but Emerie doesn’t so to make Baldwin jealous he gently kisses Emerie goodnight. Which turns into a wonderful make out session and even though he wanted it badly, he played it off that he was just trying to help Emerie out and make him jealous that, that was all it was for.

New Years Eve – 4 years ago – Drew. His wife and him move to New York from Atlanta, because his dad is sick with cancer. Alexa is not taking it well and has become friends with some not so wonderful people. She should be making friends at the Mommy and Me classes, but instead she is making friends with almost whore like women.

The next morning, Emerie is hungover and not sure what to expect or think of the kiss. When she gets to the office, she finds that Drew will be out of the office for the day, and that he has a surprise for her in his apartment. She finds out that he has a big tub, and that’s what she wanted for her birthday. That’s what she told him. She ends up texting him thank you, and the texting becomes sexting for a few texts, until he ends up talking business. She heads home to go get ready for the “rain check” birthday dinner with Baldwin. Just as they are almost ready to go out she notices that Drew text her asking if she was still at the office, if she wanted to eat take out there. She tells Baldwin that she has a headache and ends up going back to the office for Chinese with Drew. During their dinner conversation, Emerie tells Drew what she would want in a person if they she was going to have a one night stand. Drew then suggest he be the person she causally sleeps with. Emerie, leaves soon after thinking about his suggestion.

The office is normally for the next few days and Emerie ends up finally talking to Baldwin again. They head off to lunch during a work day. They were supposed to meet at the restaurant but of course he had to come to the office and pick her up. Probably checking in on Drew, he really dislikes that guy. For a belated birthday gift Baldwin gets Emerie an interview for an adjunct position to teach one class, that it will put her foot in the door. Emerie heads back to the office. Drew and her talk about Baldwin, and things that Drew has done to her office, like change her whiteboard that she leaves special quotes or message for her clients. The sexual chemistry is steaming through them, when Drew gave her the option to leave his office before he finds out how wet she is. She continues to talk while he counts to three, and when she is still there, he attacks her lips and ends up giving her an orgasm right before they were interrupted by UPS. When he comes back from getting his mail, Emerie is trying to brush it off, but Drew has her head upstairs to his apartment where they can finish what they started.

They head upstairs and have a couple rounds of sex. I won’t go into details but I promise it’s steamy and good. When they are in the bathtub together, Drew admits he doesn’t want this to be just a one time thing. Also that the reason his marriage ended was because Alexa got into a car accident, with their son in the car.

Drew NYE-3yrs ago. His father passed away, and he just buried him when his wife recommends they go out to a house party for their anniversary. Of course Drew does not want to go. He spent the last year working 10hrs a day then taking care of his sick father. He did the best he could to be there for his wife, help her with her acting lines and go to her plays/shows, but they were distant. Alexa ended up going out that night. The next day Drew gets a call that Alexa and Beck were in a car accident and were rushed to the hospital. Alexa would be okay, but Beck had a puncture in one of his Kidney’s. Alexa and Beck both gave blood to help if Beck shall need it with the surgery. After getting his blood type, he found out that he is type O blood, as Beck is AB type. It is genetically impossible for someone with type O to have a child with AB. Drew instantly thought the doctors made a mistake, but as soon as he looked at Alexa, he knew. Beck really wasn’t his son. For the last 5 years, Alexa his wife has been lying to him and spending thousands of his dollars each week while she didn’t work and he paid for the nanny to watch Beck, while she went out with friends and acting class.

After sex Drew opened up to Emerie, telling her what exactly happened. That he left Alexa after he found out he wasn’t the father. Took all her stuff and moved her out while she was gone. He also gave his non-biological son one of his Kidney’s because he was sick for weeks. Thankfully it helped.

Drew – 2 years ago on you guessed it NYE. Drew and Alexa are at court for their divorce. Even though he was not the father, Alexa gave him shared custody because he paid for her new place, and gave a nice chunk of money for child support. When he got to court, the paperwork was changed. That he would no longer get shared custody that Alex and the father Levi Archer would get full custody. That Levi is the father. Beck’s middle name just so happened to be picked out by Alexa and it was Archer. He couldn’t remember where he heard that name before Levi Archer Bodine. But as he go outside he saw Alexa getting into the same sports car he saw her dropped off in a few years back.

Back at the office. Drew and Em are not not fighting whatever is going on between them. When Alexa calls basically asking for money and to stay in Atlanta a little while longer which is making Drew fly to Atlanta to pick up Beck and fly back. After 2 phone calls with Alexa, drews blood pressure must of been through the roof. Thankfully Emerie knows how to bring it down… by going down on in. After a wonderful afterglow without thinking he invites her to get to know his son in the next week. He has never had any women in his life meet Beck.

Emerie spent the night before Drew left and forgot her phone. Which then resulted in Drew finding out that Baldwin was trying to hang out with her and have a movie and dinner themed night. It leaded into a small fight, which those two love, because angry sex is the best. Which resulted in Em not hanging out with Baldwin at all. The next day Drew found Em in the office the two plus Beck went ice skating. From the start she said it was a bad idea, and it ended up being just that. She sprained her ankle, and they took her to the hospital. All is fine though. The three went back to the apartment and Emerie met Roman, Drews best friend. Where he basically told Emerie that he knows that even though they can’t see it they’re already in love. Drew drove Em back home and ended up running into Baldwin, which then told her he would take care of her, which of course made Drew jealous. The next day Em told Drew that even though she has had feelings for Baldwin for so long its different then what she feels for him. That she likes their differences. Later Beck comes running in excited about a movie themed night. Just like she told Drew she liked. So they watched Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and ate meatballs.

During the rest of the week, they did the same. Spent evening together and were almost like a family. One night when Drew had to work, Em watched Beck. Unfortunately Beck didn’t know the stove was hot and burned his hand, ended the night with a hospital visit. Emerie freaked out thinking she should not be trusted that Drew was going to hate her, yet he understood and was no angry one bit.

Alexa came home, only to say she is taking Beckett with her while his biological dad goes on tour for NASCAR. Drew without a doubt said no, and was not agreeing with this. Even saying he would do better here in New York with his real dad and his girlfriend. Em heard the whole thing. Then watched Drew break down after Alexa left. Telling him the story about when she saw her birth mother, and how she was never her mother, but her adopted mother was and always will be. Everything was great between them now, but not for Alexa, Drew and Beck. He got new paperwork stating that the visitation will change for him, and when we went to go find his ex-wife and son, they were gone! She had moved everything out of the apartment and back to Atlanta.

Drew was busy with court hearings and fighting for his son back. It was hard and not easy in one bit. Along the way, Em was there as much as she could. Making plans to help him whenever it was possible. Finally after 4 weeks, court was finished and Drew still had partial custody of his son. That if his biological father really wanted to see Beck, he can see him on Alexa’s time, not Drews!  BUT that’s not it. The judge denied the rule that Alexa has to live in New York. So if Beck wants to see his son each every weekend and one night on the week, he would have to move to Georgia.

So Drew then made the logic in his head that it was best to end things with her instead of talk to her. Typical guy (sorry,  men out there). She after a busy day at work. He just tells her that they are not a team, that his son is priority and he doesn’t have room for anyone else. And Emerie being the amazing women she is, understood. Because hello what women would not understand that his son came first, she always wanted him to come first. Yet she doesn’t know that this is because he is afraid of a long term relationship.

After the first weekend in Atlanta, Drew comes back to the New York office, only to find that Emerie has moved out all of her things. His heart breaks more – Good!

Drew has his best friend Roman, who is also a private investigator tail Emerie. Roman does for a day, but instead goes to her apartment to talk to her. She confesses that she loves him, and he tells her that Drew is afraid and that Alexa will be in Atlanta from now on.

After waiting to have the conversation, Drew finally tells Beck that he is not his bio-dad but his stepdad. That he will love him no matter what, and because he loves him he would never leave him. That’s when he realized that he loves Em and he left her. Time to change that!

I won’t detail you on the somewhat romantic way on how he got her back, but we all knew he was going to. So read this part for yourself! Basically he told her he was an idiot and that he loves her. Which she replies back with pretty much how am I supposed to be believe that, you have a weird way of showing it. He told her he would make long distance work, and she said no. He of course fought back saying yes, it will work. Then Emerie said, no it wouldn’t work because she will move to Atlanta to be with him and his son.

Epilogue is written for a year later. Drew and Emerie are living together in the house and they are having a party. It’s “Gotcha Day” the day that she was adopted by her parents. Emerie has a surprise for Drew. She and Roman went and found Levi, Beck’s bio-father and had him sign the adoption papers. Drew is officially Beck’s adoptive father. Drew is so happy, he decides this is the time he is going to propose to Em. Which she of course says yes.







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