First post! Let’s make it about me :)

Today marks the day of my first blog post. I’ve thought about doing this for years, heck I’ve thought about writing my own book since I was in middle school and although I am sure they will never be published, I have started typing up a few books or novels. I’m hoping writing blog entries on the books that I am reading will help better inspire me to write more of my own books. Better yet inspire others to read some pretty awesome books!

I read constantly, usually about 200 books a year. My goal for 2017 is to read more actually. If it wasn’t for my job I would probably read a lot less. I mean I do have a life outside of work, I promise. I work at a Japanese company that manufactures wide format printers.  I love my job, all honesty. It’s the type of company that everyone generally cares about everyone.  We have 6 week Ping Pong tournaments throughout the year. We get out early on days before Holidays and for our holiday party the owner brought in pallets of beer and crates of wine. I honestly lucked out at the company I work for. The one downfall is how slow we are most days. I wish I could say it was just the department I work in, but usually we’re all slow. We’re the manufactures, we just make sure our dealers and sales department is doing their job. Which means I can read a good 1-2 books in my 8 hour work day. So get ready for a lot of book reviews!

So what got me motivated to finally start a book review blog?

I’m going to be 100% honest and say because I want free stuff! I would say every single time I subscribe to an authors newsletters or enter drawings, I always see or get asked “Are you a blogger?” or “Do you write book reviews?” Each time I always answered no, and then one day out of no where I had the urge to select YES. Don’t worry I didn’t lie, but I am actually really excited to be able to select that drop box in the future now. 

I know free stuff won’t be raining it like Oprah gives out but even the change for an opportunity to get an ARC from my favorite author or find new favorite books and authors sounds AMAZING. Hopefully my blogging “career” will get me to that point, someday. 

Please feel free to recommend books or authors, I am always looking for a new as much as I hate to say this book boyfriend. I normally stick to romance and young adult romance genres. Of course my first book in that genre was the Fifty Shades series, and as much as I did enjoy those books in certain aspects, BDSM is not my favorite story-line. I have 4 favorite types of categories in romance that I love to read.

1. Office romances, preferably boss/assistant. 

2. Main character having a secret longing crush on their siblings best friend.

3. Accidentally Marriage. When the characters usually wake up from a night of drinking and don’t remember what happened and who they married. 

4. Fake relationships. Like when the characters pretend to date each for some certain reason. 

 Bonus points for when the book is a comedy type, or the main guy character is a cocky asshole. I love me some bad boys.

 Those are my top 4 favorites but the rest to make a top 10 are in no specific order.
5. Hockey players. YUM YUM YUM – Plus I was a hockey coach in real life and my boyfriend is a goalie ❤ 

6. Best friends turned lovers. There’s something about them growing with each other and learning that what they had the whole time is so much more now.

7.Makeover/Dating coach. I have a thing for someone trying to help someone become a better person and along the way they fall in love with them even though they are trying to make them “better” for someone else. Like the adult version of the book/movie “The Duff”.

8. Nerds. It falls along the lines of #7 Makeovers normally and I am okay with that. I love when the person that falls for the nerd realizes, that really they more than likely weren’t nerds at all.

9. Next door neighbors. Usually they hate each other, I like those.

10. Mostly any forbidden romance (in a non-creepy way) like teacher/student COLLEGE AGE ONLY. I can sometimes enjoy Step-brother/Step-sister in some aspects. I have read some really weird and creepy ones so I am iffy now. 

Then there are some series that I don’t normally go for, but am not opposed to try….

1. Motorcycle club type books. Motorcycles aren’t my thing, and it usually mixes in with the next category. 

2.Gang/Mob series. Usually the family does illegal things or there is too much drama and not enough love. 

3. One of the main characters is in MMA, underground fighting. I don’t really know why I dislike these type of books. Maybe because in every series that I have read the female is usually giving out ultimatums or crying their eyes because their boyfriend is bleeding or getting hurt.

4. I’m sure you’re not surprised when I say books with heavy or high violence. Rape, excessive drug/alcohol abuse is usually a no go for me.

5. Huge age gap books. Like 18 year old and one of the parent’s best friends. As much as I do love me a good DILF (Dad I’d like to fuck), I would prefer no more than 7-10 years in age difference.  

Lastly 6. Series that have more than 2 books (unless short novellas) that are about the same character. I get bored. I want new romance, new characters, or to read about a previous character in the other book finding their HEA (Happy Ever After).

 Like I said, I am not always opposed to reading books with these type of plots, but normally I find it hard to actually get into the book and want to continue reading them or further my reading in the series if there is more than one book. 

 So that’s about it. I can’t wait to see where this blog goes and takes me.

 I should be posting my first book review soon!

 – XOXO The Trashy Biblo Blogger (Sorry I have always wanted to end things like Gossip Girl)

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